TA Virtual | Your Favorite Virtual Assistant Duo

About Us

Hey you! We are Teyon and Angeline, the virtual assistant duo you never knew you needed! We help photographers tackle time consuming tasks along with managing their social media accounts to ensure their business grows to its potential. Our biggest thing is creating more free time, which we like to call “YOU” time.

Together we find creative and efficient ways to ensure the growth of the businesses and brands we work with. From social media management to client communication, we offer a plethora of assistant services not to include the tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way.

To dive deeper into our background,

Teyon : I was and raised in Alexandria, Virginia,
and still reside here close to family I love. A few hobbies of mine are fitness training and music production. A big hobby that I share with my business partner Angeline is traveling. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I value the time I share with family and the new experiences life brings me and I hope to help others free up their time to do the same !

Angeline : Like Teyon, I reside in Alexandria, Virginia, and have moved around here and there throughout my life but have always been close to the capital, DC. I’m an artist so in my free time I love to paint and draw. I’m also big on fitness and nutrition which is something I share in common with Teyon. I’m also very passionate about traveling the world and I love trying new foods. In the future I plan to start a non profit organization to help those in need around the world. A big goal of mine is to give back to the world that has brought me happiness in this life which is why I’m here to help !

We appreciate you listening to our story and would love to hear yours. We love to connect with new people so shoot us a DM on IG !