The Tabiyo Story

Tabiyo was created with a simple wish – to collect stories. After a fateful discovery of the Traveler's Notebook years ago, we fell in love with the idea of preserving memories in marks, stains, and folds.

Soon, Tabiyo grew into a collective of quality and designer stationery that serve to tell that story. To the explorers, the artists, and the romantics, our products allow them to chronicle their life beyond red and blue lines. Drawing inspiration from wabi-sabi – the concept of beauty in imperfection – we found a different way of expressing character. And with these enduring creations, everyone can have stories that last.

Physical Shop

#tabiyo294 at Seremban

From our early days of being a web-exclusive store to opening our first brick-and-mortar, Tabiyo Shop has come a long way.

The double-storey terrace house will feature our stationery shop on Ground Floor where you can enjoy a hands-on experience with our catalogue, and feel the different textures and materials that make the products unique.

Every corner has been carefully curated including a crafting space for you to fill up your journal while sipping a cup of coffee or nibbling on treats made with love at 2nd Space.

If you’re wondering why we decided to set up shop here, well the reason is simple: Seremban is home. More than just a pit stop between KL and Malacca, Seremban is a beautiful town rich in history, food and culture. We hope the visitors of Tabiyo Shop can spend the day here, get to know us and our hometown, and see what we see in this amazing place.

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