One of the best things about rugby is that there's a place for everyone.

World Rugby is considering changing that through a policy that would ban trans women. They’re collecting feedback until August 31st and then voting on a revised policy in November, so now is the time to act and make our voices heard.

Do as many action items as you can, and share so that others can also join with you. Check back here as we will continue to add actions.

#TackleTransphobia #LetUsPlay #RugbyForAll

Action Item #1

Tell World Rugby to reconsider its recommendation and remain aligned with IOC guidelines on the inclusion of transgender athletes; support an evidence-based investigation into injury risk from trans women inclusion; open a meaningful dialogue with transgender rugby players around the world; and keep rugby open to all as it was intended to be, including trans women.

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Action Item #2

Share your inclusive rugby stories, so that International Gay Rugby (IGR) can elevate these positive experiences with World Rugby.

Trans and non-binary folxs: talk about the positive impact of rugby & the rugby community in your life.

Cis ruggers: celebrate the importance of fully including trans and non-binary communities in rugby.

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Action Item #3

The All Blues Women’s Rugby Team have created the Grant for Trans Athlete Testimonials (GTAT). They are distributing $100 to 5 trans and/or nonbinary athletes who share their their testimonial with USA Rugby.

Trans and nonbinary athletes should not have to validate their existence to be considered important members of the rugby community. No dollar amount will erase the pain that World Rugby has caused, but the All Blues want to do a small part to compensate these athletes for their time, expertise, and emotional labor.

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Action Item #4

If you are in the United States, recruit your rugby club, geographic union, society, or organization to sign this open letter going to the USA Rugby Board of Directors.

For other countries, please feel free to contact the organizer and get support in creating a version for your rugby union.

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Action Item #5

There is a lot of misinformation about trans athletes. It’s on all of us to ensure that rugby community is truly inclusive and a sport for every body. Let’s keep the conversation going by talking to your teammates, coaches, and administrators and sharing evidence-based information with them.

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Action Item #6

Use the following hashtags on social media: #TackleTransphobia #LetUsPlay #RugbyForAll. Post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, anywhere and everywhere.

Write a solidarity statement, and tag both World Rugby & your national governing body. Let them know that trans and gender diverse athletes belong in rugby!

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Action #7

World Rugby is requesting additional scientific evidence that supports the safe, respectful, and equitable inclusion of transgender, non-binary, and intersex athletes. If you are a subject matter expert - especially for trans athletes - in science/ medicine and are able to assist, we’d love to be in touch with you.

The link below will compose an email to the USA point person for data collection, or you can email Dr. Chou directly (rosalind.chou @ gmail dot com).

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Action Item #8

Rugby isn’t the only elite sport facing this rollback. The current International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and USA Powerlifting (USAPL) policies prohibiting all female transgender powerlifters and male transgender athletes using testosterone from competition are not only based on a flawed understanding of competitive advantage. This can’t be allowed to happen.

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Action #9

This isn’t just happening in elite athletics. Dozens of states have introduced bills that would ban girls who are trans from participating on girls’ sports teams. Some of the bills could subject any girl to invasive genital screening if their gender was challenged by another student. Idaho is the the first state in 2020 to pass anti-trans legislation, including the first legislative ban on trans student athletes. The ACLU is suing, so add your name to support.

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