About Autumn at Renu

With 15 years of experience, I am not afraid of daring or dramatic changes. Although my looks look effortless, my playful side comes out with my color guests and I am sure to deliver stunning and fresh looks to anyone. I continues to take pride in my work by attending a variety of classes and keeping up with the latest trends. I have found myself skilled in razor cuts along with master in finishing work and eye popping colors. I have added Hair Extensions to my services to create a more flawless finished look.

​My hearing loss & soft spoken voice doesn't prevent me from making sure you leave my chair without feeling spoiled & gorgeous!

About Autumn at home

I am a mom and a wife on my days off. I’ve been married for almost ten years with 6 year old boy and almost 4 year old girl. My husband and I met on line while he was serving for The United States marine corps. We spend the beginning of our marriage in Maine and later returned home to set our roots here in Merrimack.

In addition to our family they have 3 cats - Delia, Ollie and captain along with their two dogs -Everest and Skye.

We are a very adventurous family and we are constantly looking for new things to try and do. At the same time, we work on building our home to be a homestead so we feel we don’t need to ever leave.