i just love it here


im lazy.im 14 born january,you should know my name.im annaz fariesha.
its not the same lol
im getting older,not an emo phase


'im getting older,doesnt mean i need to listening to you?'

okok i learnt alot about life,hardwork and yes,ALOT,from listening to music.

you shouldn't need to feel that my music taste is sucks,just pity you

its not that i listened to sum kind of genre just bcuz its trendy or 'aesthetic',but i found it meaningful and suite my taste.

if you dont like the genre,but you listened to it since it aesthetic,you need to stop.

music taste rn went skyrocket ;)


i dont care,you appreciate my existence then you're the one.
i hate it when people claim my bestie,i mentioned it with a precious person.

2020 people i've met,they appreciate me more than i do kekekekke

if you dont like it here,then get out.im not trying be too nice.


its about how i sincerely talk.
i speak honestly but rarely opened up.sometimes i need to lie, bcuz i know something bad will happened.
yall stop judging people on how they talk.dont assume too fast.

people kept mad when im being honest.can you just be thankful that i could still talk with you without hypocrism

gentle reminder

some of you need to stop judging my interest on everything.not only me but everyone. +especially on music lol
its our opinion so you shouldn't care about it.i do respect you,so you should respect too
find your own life sucks!


누가 나를 막아도
no matter who tries to stop me
나의 갈 길을 간다고
i will go on my way
인생 한 방이라고
you only life once

nugamareul magado huhuhu

+ extras [ k-stans only]

// if you're not kpop stans,you would be vomited rn.you should get out from here since it just 'plastic'

okies kpoppies! i love you guys,please stay with your faves.dont care about other people said! at least you got taste and your standard went HIGH and mencanak canak yer.
are yall hard stan? cuz i do bahahha

bts / jungkook / ot7
txt / yeonjun
wayv / hendery
got7 / bambam

❥︎but im adorable representative mc of youth

~ haruman neowanaega hamkae halsuwitamyeon

notes from annaz pfft

hi hi! dont feel offended by what you just read. ngl you need to feel that kind of way ahhahahs

i try to be honest,you need to swallow that.im being honest to you.

thank you for everything and memories you've made with me.ngl i love all of you~

i might be so annoying,rude,too sweet and boring sometimes but im rare kekekkeke

i love you guys and hoping for more good days and good memories with all of you [ am im being to kind or what ]

okok bye~