Hello it’s me - Taila

Enjoy my chaotic life

I’m going to use this platform to write crap, tell you all about my day to day life as a working mum, a girlfriend and fur mumma...all while trying to be an instagramer 🙋🏽‍♀️💅🏻

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A little background

So here it is my first little entry...wish me luck!

I don’t really know why I’m writing this, but let’s see if you like hearing about my chaos. Let’s get to know me...

So I’m 25, I live in the country side and I love gin, I mean Tea. I had a pretty brilliant childhood, growing up with the country side to explore I didn’t have many complaints. I was a bit of a knob as a teenager, I played right up at school and probably drove my parents right round the twist but I grew out of it...actually I can still be a bit of a knob now but hey.
I went to secondary school in the town closest to our village and stayed on to complete year 12&13. I left college and walked straight into a full time job as a private nanny and it was the best thing ever! Iv had mad holidays, girls trips and lots of crazy nights out with my favourite people...you’ll definitely hear about some of them at a later date. Iv had a couple of bumps along the way but who hasn’t huh?

I am surrounded by amazing friends that support me through every good and bad decision I’ve made.
I have the best family in the entire world! Like; I know everyone feels like that but honestly mine is the best ever! We all live in the same tiny village and we do EVERYTHING together. My grandparents are the glue and then theres all of us, 16 in total, the newest addition being my tiny first Nephew Billy.
Lockdown has been shit for us, we see each other so often that it’s unheard of to not have all been together in this long.

So my career, I work at the best place possible, in fact Iv had some pretty amazing jobs! I don’t like to talk much about work as I like to stay professional and keep it private but I work with some seriously amazing, completely unique children. I don’t think I could do anything else for a living honestly.

Obviously I have my darling boy Tate, he’s just turned 4 and he still blows my mind every day. I’m working at a blog just about him, pregnancy etc so wait for that and I’ll tell you all about my little loonie.
Tate and I have just moved in with James, it feels soooo weird but I’ll do a new house blog and fill you in on all those details along with some home shots to.

Lockdown is killing me off slowly, I like routine and getting out but it has taught me a couple things, my family mean more to me than ever, Tate is the brightest little love that can throw a brilliant tantrum when he’s not been stimulated enough and Carole Baskin actually killed her husband and fed him to tigers.