Living Happily... Now.

Stop chasing your happily ever after, start living happily in this chapter of your story.

So many of us grew up listening to stories about what 'happily ever after' looks like and we envisioned our lives based on that fairytale. We chase that happy ending without a second thought.

But sometimes life throws us unexpected challenges and the hits just keep coming. With every hit, that 'perfect' fairytale life drifts further away and we may find ourselves teetering on the edge or even falling into a whirlpool of despair.

It's an easy whirlpool to fall into, but you just need the tools to be able to overcome obstacles in your path and pull yourself out. What's important to remember is that not every tool will work the same way for every person. Being able to identify the best tools for YOU are essential to achieving success.

You are in charge of successfully rewriting your story, so stop chasing that happy ending and start living happily ever after now.

This Is Me

My name is PJ and I'm the creator of Tailored Therapeutic Solutions.

I'm an Indian woman who grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia in 2001. I have my Bachelor degree in Psychology and my Masters degree in Counselling.

I started TTS to serve a community who may not always be able to access mental health services. I love what I do, I love helping people and I value human life.

I'm compassionate, fun-loving and I genuinely care about others. I want each person who I help to be treated as an individual, to be seen and heard and to feel valued.

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