The five demands for YouTube Team must be followed

The lies and propagandist movements by YT Team are meant to fail and it will not succeed.

By TailzYT

As of now in March 16th 2020, we are facing a big problem which is the coronavirus that is a global health threat around the world. But however, YouTube has decide to make up lies and say that "we will remove COVID-19 as a sensitive status. " But isn't this an attempt to screw up YouTube?

COVID-19 is an serious global health threat and it seems like they have not done anything to fix the issue. Videos talking about COVID-19 are rarely shown and all YouTube wants to do is to make lies about it being removed as a sensitive event. However, the propagandists there do not know that we have obviously exposed their acts of lies and myths.

Prior to this, they have also said that "it is normal to see views slow down" on a twitter post by replying to someone on this fraud. Clearly, they are deleting views and they are not admitting the facts on what they are doing but instead lies to their people and their CEO, Susan Wojcicki avoids them from saying the truth of what's happening in YouTube. Their subversive acts have gone way too far and they have refused to respond to our five demands.

Let's all use this hashtag #FiveDemandsYTNoDelay on Twitter or everywhere else to protest against YT Team's tyranny.

BTS - On music video in YouTube has not gotten it's views restored, but however they have managed to take action on the Trap Town NCS channel. There are still more other spam channels that we have not got them to terminate, but if this is the first demand that they ever did, we will be happy that they have followed it. But however, the other four will still need to be followed although we are not supposed to end this revolution.

The five demands for YouTube are:

1. Complete restoration of "BTS - On" Music video and other videos.

2. Terminate spam channels that comment on YouTube videos that want to be "friends".

3. Restore YouTube to it's original state.

4. Independent investigation to the entire YouTube team.

5. Full universal suffrage for the YT Team and Susan Wojcicki.

We need all five demands to be followed by 2020. Please do not let this revolution be a waste, cause we need to start being against YouTube's tyranny and avoid Susan from ruining our site again.

Opinion: Susan Wojcicki's hypocritical face on YouTube only a mockery for rights of freedom

Susan has obvious intentions to terminate YouTube channels without provided valid reasons.

By TailzYT

YouTube has been making propaganda for years and its purpose for lying to people are to oppress their freedom of speech and so on. Demonetization shows a new way to ensure that YouTubers don't earn anything from YouTube but apparently, their team is using the "reused content" excuse, just to claim that they are reusing every content they make.

If a video that I made was "reused content", can YouTube explain to me what is that reason for? No. They have never even responded to me on Twitter and has refused to follow all the five demands we have made so far. The "reused content" reason for demonetization shows a new way for their team to lie to creators about their own content.

Apparently, the reason and excuse they are using to creators is used most of the time. Many people on Twitter have started to hate YouTube for making this excuse to every creators around the world. For some reason, they have also not taken down channels like Trap Town NCS for scamming people, as well as Onision, a "racist" guy on YouTube who makes sensitive remarks against others.

YouTube team should obviously do the right thing and resist Susan's dictatorship. However, all they are doing is to turn a blind eye on what creators have to say and refuse to answer their questions. These propagandists only knows how to make naïve and unnecessary remarks on YouTubers. While Susan only cares about the amount she earns as the CEO and never cared for others regarding their demonetization issues.

YouTube Team's "demonetization" movement in essence

Tailz says that the YT team's movement show their true intent: Oppress creators and terminate their channels

"Demonetization" movement by YouTube is only an excuse but meant to oppress more creators' rights of freedom.

"Reused content" is not only an excuse but to oppress more creators on YouTube.

By TailzYT

The YouTube team has been starting their demonetization process since December 10th, 2019 where they made the so-called "new guidelines". However, these "guidelines" by YouTube Team are meant to make problems for more creators in the site and their attempt to so-called "Make YouTube great again!" Doesn't really ring a bell. Their attempts of trying to demonetize YouTubers will fail because more and more creators will start being against Susan Wojcicki as well as her minions for being untrained to manage YouTube.

• YT's delusional nature •

Their delusional acts can only lead to the disaster and collapse of YouTube. The reason why the video making site has lost a lot of it' supporters its because back then, YouTube team and Wojcicki decided to make a new monetization guideline on 2018. Which caused a lot of anger with YouTubers because of Susan's disgraceful act. This was one of the reasons why many people in the YT community have stopped trusting Ms. Wojcicki due to her acts of committing oppression against other YouTubers in the world. The original for the monetization guidelines was when you need 10,000 lifetime views. But now it's changed and will this be acceptable by any YouTuber? Obviously, the answer is no.

• Propagandism unacceptable •

The YT Team and Susan herself has been making really unnecessary propaganda by saying that they will fix everything. But this is a true lie to everyone on YouTube as both of these deluded propagandists won't do anything. Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, they claimed that they will stop demonetizing YouTubers for mentioning the word, "Coronavirus". But do they still do demonetization for that? Yes. Apparently, some people on their Twitter post have complained saying that they can't even search for it. Which shows that YouTube is trying to make propagandism and lies so that they can make people believe their so-called "words".

YouTube should not go into a chaos state anymore, more creators should fight against Susan Wojcicki's tyranny and refuse to be accomplices of her supporters. This would safeguard their vital interests in the first place.