Cannabis & Budtender Training Programs

Take Root Dispensary Training

We love weed.

And we love the people who sell weed.

Having been involved in the legal cannabis industry since 2015, we as a team understand the lengthy to-do list you have when opening a dispensary. From licenses, to product, to compliance, your attention is being pulled in all directions.
Training your staff often times gets thrown to the back burner. If you’re a small shop, a learn-as-you-go approach is usually the game plan. But the result of little or no training is higher employee turnover rate, uneducated employees, & smaller ticket sales.

That’s why we created Take Root.
Our mission is to guide dispensaries and budtenders in selling cannabis while raising the bar on customer service and empowering management to be supportive leaders.

We understand that every customer has different needs, but when you have a solid foundation of cannabis science and customer service skills, no guest is too much.

Take Root is a team of 4 bad ass woman that come from the cannabis space, as well as the the restaurant and hospitality industry, and have professional backgrounds in training and employee development.

We provide the Root Knowledge information you need - from cannabis science 101 to product knowledge to customer service tips - so you can support & empower your budtenders.

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