Tale of the Neverending

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Greetings! I am Paul John Mercida, a simple student who tries to explore writing stuffs and what could be its outcome. Thus, creating this website is one of the best way to do it.

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Welcome, to the tale of the Neverending!

Tale of the Neverending

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The Night Sky

A story of a man gazing the stars.
Genre: Love, Short Story

Ace of Hearts or Ace my Heart

The tale of a gay and his first day at the University.

Genre: BL, Short Story

A King's Duty

For honor.

The Queen's Wings

The Wings of Freedom

The Night Sky

Gaze the stars, gaze it with me

The Night Sky

I walk towards the garden beside my house. I smell the flowers around me especially the lavender. I sat thereafter at the wooden chair and put my phone on the table. I looked around and luckily, I am alone.

"Finally... alone." I whispered.

Without further inspections to my surroundings, I started looking at the night sky.

"This is my every night happiness." I, again, whispered.

The calming surrounding and the starry night is an epitome of satisfaction. I stand up and lie down to the grass of the garden. Closing my eyes after finding the stars alignment of Gemini.

After a while, I heard a footsteps. She's here.

"What are you doing there, lying in the grass? Mr. Sid?" She asked in a sarcastic manner. I knew it, it's Athena. My girlfriend.

I smiled, particularly because she found me.

"Gazing the stars? I guess?" I jokingly replied.

"But your eyes are closed?" She asked. I feel her presence, watching me while she's in the table.

"Of course, the night sky is calming, it makes me fall asleep." I defended.

"Yeah, it makes sense. Even I feel the same way." She calmly said, agreeing to what I've said.

"It's like almost a year of us talking to each other, laughing and arguing--" She extended but I interfere and said, "With the smallest things and yet the night sky is our way of calming."

"Indeed it is. I love you." A gentle reminder of her.

"I love you too." I replied.

I opened my eyes and look upon the shining stars.

"If you were a star, I swear, I would definitely gaze at you every night." I sweetly said and looked at the table.

I stand up and smiled, "I guess I always love you--"

I opened the gate for a walk, after some times, I saw her... along with her boyfriend.

"I always do."

Our eyes met, she's very happy.

"Hi Sid, good evening!" She greeted.

I replied with a smile.

"I wish... you were mine."

"It was all a hallucinations."

"I hate this reality."

"But I know somewhere... somewhere in another dimension, you are mine."

Ace of Hearts or Ace my Heart?

In a world full of chaos, I'll be your protector.

"Oh God, I'm late!" I said while being in a hurry, holding a lot of books and carrying a bag.

As expected, I bumped with someone but not like your normal movies in which the main characters met. Here, I bumped with a bully. Geez.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm in a hurry!" I said in a calm state while collecting the books that fell after the bump.

"Next time watch your step." He said, staring at me like a creep.

"Yes, I'm really sorry." I apologized and proceed to walk forward.

As I entered the university, I instantly searched for my room. Since this is my first day and a freshman here, I do not know where it is so I asked the guard over the gate and luckily, he knows.

"Thank you!" I happily said.

After a while, I am now walking in the hallway. With that, I noticed a handsome man approaching my room. I lowered my head not until I realized, I'm already at the door. I saw a shoes and I looked up. It's him, he's tall and his eyes are attractive... but he's not smiling. Yeah, I'm actually scared right now so I looked at the doorknob and opened it.

*crowd noise*

I feel his presence behind me and I searched for a seat. As I walk, the noise of the crowd became silent. There goes my anxiousness. I looked at them and I was relieved when I saw them not looking at me. I put down my bag and surprisingly, he was beside me. I looked at him again.

"What?" He asked in a dull manner while he's holding his bag.

"N-Nothing." I replied with nervousness and sat in the chair.

In a while, the professor arrived.

"Good morning everyone, before we start, I would like everyone to introduce yourselves." The professor said in a cheerful tone.

Everyone started introducing themselves. Until…

"Hi, I am Ezekiel San Diego, 20 years old. It's so nice to meet you all." He said in a joyful manner. Most of the women in our class shouted. Of course, even I would literally shout but I won't because I'm a lonely person.

The professor looked at me and said, "Next."

"Good day, I am Daniel Escobar, 19 years old. H-how are you all?" I greeted and smiled.

"We're doing fine, thank you for that, Mr. Escobar." The professor said in a happy manner.

The lecture started and after a while, I didn't realize that the classes ended already. I packed up my things and before leaving the gymnasium (as Physical Education is the last subject we're taking), I searched for Ezekiel and found him packing his things. After looking at him, he's also looking around and our eyes met. There, I startled.

I leave the gymnasium and start walking to leave this university. As I leave, I heard Ezekiel.

"You are not good at acting, Daniel." Ezekiel said while breathing heavily. It seems like he was running.

"T-this is the first time I entered college." I replied but then he extended, "So am I."

"Why can't we just show them that we're a lover?" He asked.

"...and then what? They'll look at you as if you're a trash?" I defended. "You know I'm a loner, I'm afraid to show them. I even become anxious earlier when the crowd stops." I extended.

He stepped forward to me.

"Whatever they say, it's a matter of gambling. If you were to pick a card what would you choose?" He said and asked in a way that he's reasoning and worried.

Why ask some questions like that?

"I'll choose ace of hearts." I said.

"Why do you think ace of hearts can be a great contributor of your gamble?" He asked.

"Because for me it's the highest probability every time I pick a card." I said in a confused tone.

"Exactly! You've chosen ace of hearts out of all the cards that has higher probability!" He explained.

"Listen, I'm always here beside you. I'm your knight and I will protect you." He said while smiling. Those eyes… it's attractive.

"I'll wait till you have the confidence to show yourself." He extended.

I smiled. I hugged him.

"Besides, why choose ace of hearts? When you can ace my heart?" He said in a joking manner.

"Stop it! I-I'm blushing." I said.

A King's Duty —

Protect my people.

A Warrior's duty is to protect his kingdom but a King's duty is to serve his own people.

A King's duty is to protect his kingdom.

A King's duty is to bring peace to its people

A King's duty is to become responsible.

A King's duty is to fulfill his love for Queen

A King's duty... is to give everything to his Queen.

It is his duty to become an ideal man and to become an ideal man is to have a rational choices and respect to its woman.

The Queen's Wings

I'll be the scabbard of your sword.

The metaphor of life is the irony of dreams.

Can I be seen? Or my worth is deem?

I am a bird and you are my wings.

Let's fly high, my King.

You deserve to be happy, as well as be free.

My King, as long as you're responsible, I'll be the crown that symbolizes your worth

...and you are the wings that gives me the freedom in a world full of chaos and seldom of peace.

The moon is the witness of our love.


Embrace the night and the moon within.

Enjoying the view along with the peace of wind

Stare at the moon as if it's your last

The Bakunawa can come home-- at last?

The moon... shine to lighten our path

The moon... is beautiful isn't it?