Talk to the Animals

Holistic wellness, with and for animals

Talk to the Animals

Animal-assisted support, animal healing, and guardianship guidance

Talk to the Animals is built on a dream to bring all species closer together by providing humans with opportunities to see the inherent value in themselves and their companions, or even commonly avoided species that inspire anxiety.

This dream was inspired by the loss of Allie, a childhood friend of ours that passed at a young age due to a freak riding accident. For more information on the Allie's Friends Foundation, an organization founded by Allie's mother to provide stuffed-plush comfort animals to children in ambulances and trauma units, please click the link below.

We and our affiliates believe that teaching people of all walks of life to be kinder to their pets, all animals, and themselves through animal-assisted healing work can improve the psychospiritual state of the human race and planet Earth; at Talk to the Animals, we allow animals to enable us to change the world, together.

Clinics and Sessions Currently Available in Southeastern USA

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Current Offerings —

Animal-Assisted Recovery and Support

An animal-assisted psychospiritual support session with TttA could most accurately be described as "pet time," animal worship, or interspecies socialization. Activities may include grooming, nature excursions, species-inspired meditations or art-healing sessions, etc.
Our current team includes a short-haired cat (registered with Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Program) and a ball python. They are available to support you on their own or to integrate into any collaborative services that are safe and healthy for them.
Note: *Our team does not include a psychotherapist or social worker.* This offering is designed to work in tandem with other healing work, or as a standalone supplement to a wellness routine.

Animal Healing

A multi-modal approach to intuitive animal healing; energetic aura, chakra, and body work for animals undergoing physical or psychological recovery, or those otherwise benefitting from more general psychospiritual maintenance. Though this work can simply function as a special treat for your anxious/senior pet or hard-working competition/support animal, it is particularly helpful for animals struggling to adjust to new environments/circumstances following rescue/re-home or traumatizing events (evacuation, injury, neglect, attack, etc).

Emergency Preparedness Evaluations and Personalized Evacuation Plans

We go over your home/business layout, current emergency plan, and document storage with an objective lens and a fine-toothed comb to provide a realistic evaluation of your preparedness levels regarding swiftly and safely handling your animal(s) in various emergency scenarios. We also offer checklists to provide you the opportunity to DIY your emergency plans, or binder bundles if you want us to compile them for you.

Fear Healing and Indirect Phobia Exposure Work

Not only do we offer the opportunity to design a safe, controlled, and customized plan towards overcoming your fear(s) of various species, we also offer the ability to integrate our animals into slow-paced, relaxed simulations of lesser-risk exposures to unrelated triggers. Both of these offerings are built to allow you to master your process of anxiety consensually and on demand prior to exposing yourself to your actual phobia(s). Health team integration required.

Future Offerings —

Animal-Assisted Recovery and Support

Our team will be expanding to include a dog and a miniature horse, both of which will be registered with Pet Partners' Therapy Animal Program. We are also in the process of becoming a listed Certified Animal-Assisted Intervention Specialist (C-AAIS) with the Association of Animal-Assisted Intervention Professionals.
Ideally, animal-assisted support will eventually be able to be paired with camping or destination retreats in certain circumstances. For more information, visit:

The Temples Without

Ethical Adoption, Purchase, and Re-Home Consulting

Ethically adopting or purchasing an animal can be an overwhelming task, even for experienced handlers. Making the effort to prevent shelter admissions and re-homing is always worthwhile, but sometimes an incompatibility is an incompatibility, and we're faced with a tough choice in which the animals' welfare becomes top priority. Consulting personal experience with successful and unsuccessful animal guardianship circumstances along with professionals for insight (trainers, behaviorists, ethical breeders, veterinarians, etc), our collective mutual goal is to place you with your dream pet or working animal the first time, precisely when you're most prepared to set your companion up for success.
To be used by proactive prospective owners independently, or by recommendation by a trainer or rescue for homes seeking or appearing to be in need of guidance, TttA aims to provide judgement-free assistance, education and resources regarding:
•honestly and professionally determining species and breed compatibility,
•mindful short- and long-term budgeting,
•must-knows pre/during/post ownership,
•written mutual ownership or rehoming agreement templates,
•sitter interview, adopter vetting, vet-check, and foster-to-adopt trial checklists,
•performing thorough home visits,
•and more.

Animal Loss Doula

Preparing for, facilitating, and offering recovery support throughout the gradual, sudden, expected or unexpected loss of a beloved animal. This includes but is not limited to budgeting education, preparatory arrangements, memorial service planning-in-advance, group/family or individual grief support, sound- and art-healing sessions, etc.
For more information, visit:

Pawspectives as Portals

Animal Communication

Following more education specializing in canine, feline, and equine behavior to ensure clear reception and minimize room for misinterpretation, we will be expanding our animal healing work to include more traditional psychic animal communication.

Routine and Emergency Veterinary, Rescue, and Shelter Transport

We are building out a mini-bus to sustain the secure and comfortable transport of multiple canines in an independently temperature-controlled, remote-monitored, GPS-enabled cabin. Priority offered to charity groups and differently abled and underprivileged clients, though our canine transport services will be available to the general public as availability allows.
Base amenities will include:
•Access to main cabin camera (full view), GPS location, and overall interior temperature reading
•Bolt- and strap-secured crate (Ruffland in quality or higher)
•Attached to crate: copy of pet care and emergency information packet, quick-access leash (and muzzle if requested/required), battery-operated fan, cooling/non-electric heating mat, and __oz low-spill water bowl connected to a __ gal quick-refill tank system (monitored, not auto, to allow us to accurately track your pet's hydration)
•Ramp or step entry available
•Temperature and humidity gauges for each crate
Potential eventual upgrades may include:
•Option to include a stocked health and activity tracker so you may monitor your dog's individual location, activity, etc.
•Option to include access to a camera directly focused up close on your pet.
•Crate enrichment toys, pupsicles, special care, etc.
Equine and livestock transport may also be offered further down the line, but will be focused primarily on charity efforts such as BLM rescues and wildfire evacuations (non-charity inquiries may submit a no-guarantee request).

Mindful Producers℠ Verification Program

Over time, we will be consulting with the purebred dog industry's most mindful and ethics-focused breeders, trainers and behaviorists to create a straightforward verification process through which well-intended ethical breeders can pass an inspection and display an easily-recognizable, visible seal on their own website and social media. This approach is an experimental trial effort built on the hopes of increasing awareness regarding club and association standards for becoming a breeder, as well as for the importance of potential buyers doing their due diligence in verifying the moral standards the industry's breeders uphold. We may be exploring offering more than one seal color, allowing those breeders who truly go above and beyond to stand out from those who meet the bare minimum, in hopes of encouraging improvement among all breeders.

Team Goals  —

Service Handler In-Training

In training with a lovely multipurpose public access service prospect.
For more information, visit:

Volunteer SAR Handler In-Training

Volunteer Canine SAR team, currently seeking SARTECH certifications. Will be expanding to a mounted team in the future! Focusing on Urban SAR and tracking; priority will be given to low-income and underprivileged beings, particularly those being underserved by the justice system.

Professional Canine Handler In-Training

Will be limited to conformation until further notice.
2023: North America including Canada
2024: Southeast United States, Canada, and Meso-America
2025 and on: Extending into other continents while maintaining a TBD USA base

Co-Owner and Mentee, Breed TBD

Currently narrowing down breeds and interviewing with breeders for an obedience and IGP or protection prospect.

Future Founder, Clarity Equine Center

•Holistic equine wellness and retreat center
•Ethically produced, versatile, and conformationally exceptional purebred equines and crosses, including but not limited to the *original* Nez Perce Horse, Akhal-Teke, Percheron, and Warlander
•Horseback archery, endurance trail, and vaulting event site
•Home office to Here for the Horses, a global association designed to encourage the more ethical breeding of cross- and pure-bred equines and allow competitors of all ages to compete with one another per show or earn year-end highpoint awards regardless of location, either without attending any additional shows or also by qualifying to attend multi-breed continental national events.