All About Tall Girl Styled

As a thirty-something 5’10” teacher, wife and mom of two, I have always had an eye and love for all things fashion. I attribute that to my mother, who in her 70’s still adores shopping and is always put together. Growing up, I often had difficulty finding clothing and shoes that were stylish and that fit my body properly. It would be frustrating hearing my shorter friends complain that the sleeves on their shirts were too long or that they would have to hem their pants to an appropriate length. I would always tell them that they were lucky to find pants that actually fit, even if it involved some alterations.

Over time, several companies have recognized the need for tall fashion for the many tall women in this world. Not only have they realized the need for clothing that fits properly, but also pieces that are fashionable and on trend.

I started Tall Girl Styled to share not only my love for fashionable and affordable clothing, but also pieces that will fit our beautiful, tall bodies.

Thanks for joining me on this journey,

❤️ Miranda

Items found on my Instagram are linked below. If an item is no longer available for purchase, I have posted one that is similar. Happy shopping!