Are you my Soul Sister??

I’m Tally Kali

..... Mama.and.her.Oils on Instagram!! I’m a military wife/ girl mom/ creative lash artist and I absolutely love to grow wherever I can!! I will share any knowledge I have learned along the way with you all, because after all.... we are now soul sisters!!

Family means the absolute world to me!! I’m a mom of two beautiful afakasi, half white and half Tongan, girls. My oldest, Leyla, is 5 and ‘Olive is 1!! I’m also a birthmother to my beautiful Jozie, half white and half black, 12 year old. We have the most incredible open adoption, which myself and my family are deeply grateful for.

Creativity runs in my families genetics big time!! I found my creativity come to life while lashing beautiful humans. You heard that right..... being a lash artist is a huge passion I have found over the years. I cannot wait to share what I’ve learned and how you all the masterpieces I’ve been able to create.

Natural positive energy with lots of H2O is my jam! Finding Young Living essential oils, about two years ago added a huge sense of security in our home. With that being said, how could I not want to share it with other mamas, soul sisters, and their families?!!

Sleep Support

Cedarwood • Lavender • Vetiver

Cedarwood: Helps the brain stimulate the production of melatonin!! It can help you unwind and turn off all the overthinking right before bed.

Lavender: Helps your body adapt to its surroundings by increasing the body's ability to fight off stress and promoting physiological function. Add this sucker to your pillow for those good night dreams.

Vetiver: Put a drop of this one to your big toe just before bed to help ground and calm ya down.