I might be that one person who changes your life

I started this journey because I needed more, I needed positive vibes in my life and I needed change. So I took a leap of faith and started a direct sales business. I am a mother of 6 beautiful high spirited children, two with disabilities. So it was very important for me to stay home. I needed to be the support and strength for my children. I knew upon starting that this was it this was for me and it was going to work. Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. That has been a struggle in itself. However because I wanted change because I wanted positiveness in my life, I was able to push through this and keep going. I was able to be home for my children and still lead my family. It gives me the opportunity to get through the tough and persevere. I was able to have income well going through treatments, Which gave me the opportunity to think solely on healing. I couldn’t imagine having to figure out work and time off while going through cancer. The stress of not working what would be there for my family. I wanted something better for my children and that was what guided me in the decision to start my business. That one leap I took brought me freedom. Freedom from time, freedom from struggle, freedom from stress. I can go each day knowing what I do today will give the same possibility and freedoms to you.

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