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Here to help woman love themselves and increase their confidence

I am so happy you are here.

Here is a little about me.

I am a momma of 2 incredible kiddos and a bonus momma to a beautiful young adult. I also have two fur babies who have my heart.

I work full time as a social worker, and I help woman find confidence through haircare, skin care, and wellness. These are both my passions as they both fill in my ability to help people.

I was presented with the business opportunity back in 2018 when I was scrolling Facebook. As I was scrolling, I continued to see these women sharing their testimonies about their hair transformations. Seeing these transformations was catching my attention due to my relationship with my hair at this time. At this time, I did not have a good relationship with my hair as I did not feel-good no matter what I did. My hair was flat, very fine, no volume, and wouldn’t hold a style. I had gotten a perm to help my hair have more volume however that did not help it only led to more frizz.

Also, during this time in my life, I was not only looking for a hair transformation but, I was also looking for a fun side hustle I could do to earn some extra cash, and it looked like fun to talk about and play with my hair. I remember hearing I could start my own business for a small investment. I told my husband as we decided to take the leap “as long as I just earn back what I spent we will be good”. WHOA I was surprised. I ended up contributing more to my family’s debt along with other extra expenses.

This business opportunity has opened my eyes to many aspects. I have met some incredible people; I have had an incredible hair transformation which has led me to fall back in love with my hair. I am now able to promote products that are good for both inner and outer beauty as we have added skin and wellness. I am able to continue to add some additional support for my family as I fill my passion to help others.

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