Meet the Artist

Hello! My name is Tamar van Niekerk and I live in New Zealand! I'm originally from South Africa (hence my surname which I know you didn't even try to pronounce 😂) and I love art! I just love creating art and my dream is to make art for a living but we'll see how it goes...

I've been drawing and colouring ever since I was a little girl. I would draw pictures for my family, my friends at school, and I loved drawing animals for a lot of my younger life. Then I started trying to draw faces and ever since 2018 (age 13) I took art a bit more seriously and began developing my skills more. By the end of the year, I had painted a large outdoor mural for someone and got paid for it! In 2019, I ended up painting 2 more murals, including at a preschool!

Early on in 2019, thanks to my arty friend Porche - I tried out watercolour painting! It was so fun and relaxing and I've been using watercolors ever since. I have still yet to try oil paints (which I'm planning on trying soon) and gouache paint.
Thankyou for checking me out and I hope to see you around!

- Tamar


If you're interested in contacting me for any business inquiries, commission requests, or asking any questions - don't hesitate to dm me or email me any time.