My story !!!

Love what I do !!!!!

I started working when I was 15 and never stop until I became a mom. I started  working again when my son was 2 and haft I started my job. I got pregnant.

I had to stop working because it was a complicated pregnancy, but for the Glory of God my pregnancy was all good. So after haI decided to stay home as full time mom. I'm blessed being with my children. I started needing cash and starded saleing my baby formula and things around my house.One day I just got tired of doing the same thing when it came needing cash, I will sale somethings. A friend send message on Instagram and offered me to  join on her team and work for a company of health products, but first I was not ready in to it today it was just a scam. Until one day I say yes!!!! I just got sick of avery time I need money I need to sale something.This job can work on your own schedule and still spend time with my babies. My job has blessed me allot.

Join in me and let's make a new change together. Trust me it has help me. Know I can wake up and start my day knowing that I have a job and I can work from my bedroom or the most fun thing is also any where you like. And spend time with my children and family.