Tania’s Healing Home

If you’re ready to reconnect with yourself, and are committed to doing some deep work….you’ve come to the right place!

I’m an online therapist & coach, and I help women & men break through the learned patterns that has been holding them back, so they can experience an authentic relationship with themselves & the people they love.

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About me

Since I was a little kid I knew something wasn’t right in my life.
My family raised my with tons of love with no language.
Both of their families raised them with heavy traumas and that’s all they knew.
So since they never show me how to love my self, (I was constantly judged and told I’ll fail at anything etc) I grew up having this instinct very strong in me, to learn how to love me. When I started to create strong friendships I had the blessing to see in my best friends eyes the love & the comfort I could provide them.

At 18 I decide to follow my first big love. Music.
And After 10 years+ of studies in music (classic, modern, jazz & opera singing, piano, musical theatre, modern, jazz & most importantly Barre A Terre dance I understood my soul was healing.

Barre A Terre started originally for healing the body of the injured dancers that they needed something to strengthen their body. The ground!
Using the floor system, the Barre à terre is a technique based on ballet exercises for strengthening legs and abdomen. Apart from strengthening, it helps to increase elasticity, activates arms and legs, wakes smaller muscle groups helping to achieve movements with greater ease and accuracy. As a result, we gain “smart feet” and a strong core.
This is a course that offers the pleasures and empowerment of dancing, but without its technical difficulty. It takes place on the floor, usually accompanied by classical music.