A little about us...

Founded in 2014 by Mrs. Tanuja Jain, we are a small Home Bakery based in Mumbai.

Being fuelled by the pure passion to bake and the genuine drive for spreading happiness through our delicacies, is what sets us a bar higher!

When you buy a cake, do you ever stop to wonder how many days ago the bread was baked? Chances are it was probably in the deep freezer for 4-5 days before it was taken out for you. We at TBB start the ENTIRE process of making a cake only AFTER a client places his/her order, so freshness in all aspects is a given
*For this purpose we require all clients to place their orders atleast a day in advance*

We also offer endless customisations in each and every product we offer. You can choose the cake base you want and the filling!
Other than this, the design can be one of our regular ones or you can pick virtually any design you liked off the Internet and our skillful Baker will make just that for you.

When you contact us it's not a usual boring conversation where the bakery shows you a menu and you can only pick from that. We converse with you. Understand your needs. Assist you. And deliver just what you need!

All this is what makes us:
The One Stop Destination For All Your Sweet Tooth Needs!

Our bestsellers

Here's a list of what our customers love the most.

These are the top picks that ALWAYS have our customers craving for more. This range is your safe escape from the confusion of "What do I order?🤔"