A short bio of Amy & Kurt

We are Amy and Kurt. We're high-school sweet-hearts and we've been together for 7 years, FL --> Alaska. Yes, we really live in Alaska; no, we will not tell you where, sorry!
We are NOT, IN ANY WAY, into:
❄ Sharing/Meet-ups
❄ Anal
❄ Feet
❄ BDSM/any kind of pain or torture
❄ Swallowing fluids
❄ Interacting with balls other than maybe massaging them, if we feel up for it, but not on command!
❄ Face fucking
❄ Deep-throating
❄ Age play or DD/LG. Don’t refer to yourself or others as mommy, daddy, etc. Nothing involving inc*st or the likes
(We don’t like to disclose weight, please do NOT fetishize it or ask).
❄ About KURT: Yes, he is tall-6’5”. His cock is 7.5-8 Inches, about 2.5 inches wide, when fully hard. A grow-er not a show-er. He’s bi-curious. (Never been with a male, we’re high-school sweethearts and don’t share so it’s just never happened or ever will). He's always full of "good" bad jokes.
❄ About AMY: Short as sh*t at 4’11”, but breasts are 36-38 C/D depending on the brand :) She is bi-sexual, leaning more towards the “gay side.” (Never fully been with a female, but has dated a few before Kurt). Yes, she shaves. 😉 But she can't squirt, sorry 😔
❄ The first time Amy saw Kurt's cock, it was big, yes, but we were in High School so it wasn't as large as it is now! He did tell me it was a very average size cock... I suppose for his height it was considered average, but it was def on the bigger side, but still not a jaw-dropper. I did point out it's larger than he had thought, though! We've been together a while now so it's not a big shock anymore.
❄ We don't want to get into detail about the first time we fucked, we were immature and inexperienced! Because of this, we haven't experienced much with others and don't want to discuss past experiences. They are irrelevant and we were too young then and don't feel comfortable sharing that information now.
❄ Please don't ask as to go into detail about these experiences: (have you ever had BBC, is he the biggest you've had, etc).
❄ NO, our friends etc do not know of his cock size/her tit size as we do not disclose that. We have never had or ever will be interested in a 3some, and we don't share any of our sex life outside of our NSFW platforms.