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Tara Chantelle Gomez

Dance Artist, Yogini, Teacher and Event Curator

Tara Chantelle Gomez is a mystic, dancer, yogini, and pilgrim at heart . She thrives in sharing her passion and devotion for the Ancient Traditions of the Far East, specially India.

Her purposes lies in keeping these traditions alive by creating opportunities for people to experience these teachings, through authentic educational and performance programs.

Tara founded Jiya, Festival da India and Narthaki Performing Arts School with the aim to have solid and ethical platforms to share the ancient wisdom traditions.

Tara lived in India for more than a decade researching the roots of sacred dance and yogic wisdom practices.
The search began with extensive Yoga trainings in north India. To be followed by a spontaneous meeting with the medieval Bhakti and Tantra traditions of Orissa, through the Art of Odissi Dance.
Tara found her soul home in Odissi, Classical Indian Dance and her awakening as an artist flowered in this tradition.
During the first several years in India, she dedicated most of her time to the study and practice of Odissi.

As she dwelled deeper in these ancient ritual dance traditions, it was very natural that the path would lead her to the ecstatic Sufi traditions of North India, Centrai Asia and the Middle East.
Every time she would hear the ecstatic sounds of Qawwali or Turkish Sufi Sounds, her heart would wonder in delight.
Tara fell in love with the ritual offering of Sama.
Whirling into infinity is very natural to her being, just like a glance at a rose flower uplifts all the senses.

Guru Lineage

Your teachers are your credentials

My Dance education in India has been under the ancient system of Guru Shishya Parampara.
In this system, the student lives with the Guru and learns the Art through direct oral transmission.
By living with the Guru, as in: sharing meals and a home space, daily dance practice with the Guru, attending social meetings, and observing the creative processes, the student has an embodied experience of the culture and Art.

I was introduced to Odissi Dance by Padma Charan Dehury and his son Nilan Dehury, from 2008-09.

꧁ Guru Smt Kasturi Pattanaik ꧂
I was truly initiated into the Art of Odissi Dance with Kasturi Apa. She is at the forefront of contemporary Odissi as a musical composer and dance designer.
I lived with Kasturi Apa in Delhi, in the Guru Shishya Parampara tradition, during the winter periods of 2010 to 2017.

꧁ Sharon Lowen & Silvana Duarte ꧂
Since 2019, I am now under the guidance of Sharon Lowen and her senior student, Silvana Duarte.
After a long period in the Guru Shishya tradition, I am now seeking a holistic and academic approach to my Odissi Dance education and development.

꧁ Prof Ranjana Srivastava ꧂
I met Prof Ranjana in 2018. After reading all of her books , I finally got the greatest gift to meet her and learn the Indian Aesthetics of Indian Dance .
Prof Ranjana is the true embodiment of Narthaki.

꧁ Piyush Chauhan & Sanjukta Sinha ꧂
I studied basic Kathak with these highly acclaimed teachers and performers.
Piyush introduced me to Jaipur Gharana and Sanjukta to Lukhnow Gharana.

꧁ Rakhi Kalbeliya ꧂
Rakhi introduced me to the Art of Gypsy Kalbeliyda Dance from Rajasthan.

ꕥ Empowerments
My empowerment practice is through the Dzogchen School of meditation and my root Guru is Ziji Rinpoche. (Open Intelligence and Love.org)
These teachings empower me in every single moment and highly influence how I walk in this world.
Certified Hatha and Iyengar Yoga by Aum at the Aum Yoga Shala, Goa
Certified Vinyasa Krama Yoga by Mark Whitwell, Heart of Yoga.org


꧁ Miriam Peretz ꧂
I met Miriam Peretz in 2010 and was instantly hypnotized by her dance. My dance has completely transformed since I’ve been training and performing with Miriam.
She has taught me the gift of Devotion through Sufi Poetry, Persian Aesthetics in Dance, improvisation and feminine embodiment through central Asian movement and ritual practices.

꧁ Jill Parker ꧂
I met Jill Parker and Middle East Music and Dance Camp in Mendocino, Norther California. I had the great opportunity to train with her for one week solid. That was my introduction to Tribal Fusion Bellydance.

꧁ Zoe Jakes ꧂
I met Zoe in 2017 on Oakland after a Beats Antique Show. I completed her Dance Craft Key of Diamonds and Spades in 2018. Her dance training elevated my technique and creativity to new dimensions !

Private Sessions

One a one, online or in person

Do you yearn to learn Dance but feel intimidated in going to a group class ?

Have you been practicing Yoga on your own , at home , but feel it’s time to have a solid teacher ?

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve been teaching one a one - private sessions to students who wish to have a intimate personalized training experience.
In this intimate setting, I offer a holistic approach to Dance and Yoga, that is rooted in the empowerment teachings of Dzogchen and Traditional Indian philosophy.

My goal is to gently and ease fully empower the self realization process of the student, in a safe environment.

And with the Holistic Movement language, teach them how to embody these ancient teachings and wisdom practices.

It is necessary that the student arrives with a humble heart and openness to follow the pith instructions.
The transformational journey will seamlessly unfold like a lotus flower.

Please get in touch to acquire more information.

Dance in Sintra

We welcome you to a new Dance season at Quinta das Patas with our Indian Dance Teacher, Tara Chantelle Gomez.

This new year starts with a new project that aims to offer personalized and goal oriented dance training and practice programs.

Tara will be offering a 3 month certified courses accredited by her educational platform - Narthaki Performing Arts School.

The 3 month beginner dance courses starts January 12th until April 13th and culminates with a site performance on April 17th.
The remaining months of April and May are dedicated to practice, integration and embodiment of all the material learned, before the well deserved summer break - Jun to October

Price per course
Full Course Fee: 120€
Monthly fee : 40€
No refunds or transfers
Please get in touch to reserve your spot
[email protected]
WhatsApp : +351913895094

Full Course


Monthly Fee


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Tara presents: Odissi Dance

Tara presents : Mystical Persian Dance

Tara presents: Indian Fusion Bellydance in Roma

The Videshee Desi Podcast

It all started in San Francisco, Ca

Summers of 2008-2019

During my summer travels through California, I discovered Tribal Fusion Bellydance in San Francisco and instantly fell very connected to this world and community.

In reality , I was in search of a dance form that would empower me to be more free flow and in love with my body.
I was also yearning to connect with a Dance Art community that liked tribal culture and traveling.
Tribal Fusion had all those ingredients !
Being raised in Lisbon, having a Urban spirit yet a nomadic soul, this format became an obsession!
While training in Indian and Persian Classical Dance was refining me as an artist and feeding my Devotional heart, Tribal Fusion Bellydance was offering me creative ways to express my true self .
I trained extensively with Jill Parker and Zoe Jakes .

In this format, I found my creative expression in the style ‘Indian Fusion Bellydance’.

Since 2013, I have been creating original choreographies and performing them all over the world .

I now teach accredited courses in this format that culminates all my Dance worlds
in One.

Join me ONLINE every Thursday 7-8.30pm WET Lisbon, STARTING JANUARY 20th, for a 3 month accredited course on the Introduction & Integration of Bellydance : Indian and Tribal Fusion