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A curated list of our bestselling books, stationery and wall art.

Sun and Moon

Part of everyday life, yet rich in symbolic meaning, renderings of the sun and the moon are present in all folk and tribal art traditions of India.

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To Market! To Market!

A little girl goes to the market with a pocketful of change – and no idea what to buy from all the happy chaos around her. But among the rich and colorful wonders of the market, she finds that the real fun is not in the buying after all!

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Leaping Tiger (Limited Edition Art Print)

A signed art print by Patachitra artist Radhashyam Raut, "A tiger spots his prey."

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A Village is a Busy Place!

An activity book in the Bengal Patua style of scroll painting that depicts the everyday world of the Santhal people, who are amongst India’s largest indigenous communities. Fold by colourful fold, the book opens out into a panorama of village life, teeming with people, animals and activities. Accompanying text—along with careful pointers and questions—encourages children to discover details, make connections, and set off on an exploration of village life.

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Origins of Art

Explore the vital connections between lived life and the practice of art, in the Gond village of Patangarh. What are the ways in which the art and imagination of Pardhan Gond artists are centred around the culture of their village and the surrounding forests?

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Drawing and Writing

A hand-picked selection of stationery from Tara, packed in gorgeous handmade and screen-printed gift bags - each set includes a Flukebook, two Zig-Zags, the six-pack Punctuation set and a Fluke card.

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Travelling Titles

Ideas and stories traverse the globe even if people cannot.

Tara's titles have travelled widely, across contexts and languages. In this set of presentations we revisit some of our books that have made it into the Korean language.

Presented in association with InKo Centre.

The Colour Book

Knock! Knock!

To Market! To Market!

Gobble You Up

The Night Life of Trees

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Based in Chennai, India, Tara Books has been pushing the boundaries of publishing for 25 years. We are an independent collective of writers, designers and bookmakers. Our uniquely tactile books combine narrative, illustration, design, and production in exciting ways.

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We publish children’s picture books, as well as illustrated books for adults. We’re also known for our ‘crossover’ range of visual books, meant for all ages.

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