Turning women (and men) from victims to victors!

I’m a momma of 3, Cami 16 is my daughter, joshie 21 is my step son, and Ava my step daughter is 13. I also have a pittie named Stella and Cooper. I have Fibriods and hate it but I’m finally learning more about it and the side effects of having it.
I’m also a HUGE mental health advocate since I suffer from anxiety, bipolar disorder, ptsd and a recovering addict.
I run a skincare business solely online with clinical grade products! They are also leaping bunny approved cruelty free, gluten free, no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates, no fragrance, and locally sourced and made in the USA.
I also help men and women lose weight safely with cortisol!
I love helping women step into their power and create the life of their dreams, to build a legacy and life they can be proud of without succumbing to the “standards” of our society.
I do all this to one day open a home for moms addicted to drugs and want help without signing over their rights. Fully staffed for childcare and detox, all the way to helping them become successful
members of society again.
I love helping women feel as beautiful and confident as possible! I’m on a mission to help as many ppl as possible!


I cousnel men and women on weight loss, skincare and help with anything going on in their lives.

Are you sick of the scale going up every DAY!

Have you tried all of the diets out there, but no matter what you do the weight isn’t coming off?
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Rebekah's Story I was literally busting out of my jeans! PS, these are the same EXACT same jeans in both pictures! I was stuck at a plateau, no matter what I did, the weight wasn’t coming off. When I started this drink I was 178 pounds and 6 months later I was down to 135 pounds… a number I hadn’t seen on the scale since 2014! My only regret is not trying this sooner

I’m 39, married 3 kids. 1 mine 2 my husbands. I’ve always dreamed of opening a recovery home for mothers with addiction. I spent about 10 years in active addiction and 7 in recovery. I lost my daughter when she was 5 and regained sole legal physical custody at 8. My husband lost custody of his daughter at a vety young age with hope to help her mom get clean. Unfortunately she lost her battle with addiction years ago. When we met i promised him wed get his daughter back too. Thre years ago we did. I’d love to help other moms achieve sobriety and reunite with they kids. My plan is to open a home for mothers with active addiction t o detox and regain custody. Id like to introduce a new way of doing recovery. Giving moms a safe place to get clean, a safe place to bring their kids. My daughter will run a counseling group for the kids twice a week. Moms will be required to drug test regularly, go to meetings, get a sponsor, and work a program. They will be required to get a job, Find child care if child is not school age, if they are they must be enrolled in school. Children are required to maintain good grades, and hopefully be included in after school programs. Kids will see a therapist as often as therapist feels neccesary. Moms will be required to attend 3 in house meetings discusing hardships, triggers, and how we can help. Therapy is also mandatory for moms as often as therapists see fit.

Helping moms regain custody of their kids is my passion!

Help me help them

I make it all

Creativity is my super power