Finding freedom and holding space

Hi I’m Tara - this is me and my husband Anthony.

We love getting out and being active, fishing and mountain biking!

We love food - good food! Fun fact - Anthony was a chef and restaurant owner in his past life so it’s fair to say food is a staple in our marriage!

Of course such a lifestyle comes with the need for money - more money and money and I’m not prepared to miss out so I just had to find my grind!

👦 Kaesharn 🚲 💵 🎮 🎣

👧 Kyiah 💅 💸 🛍

Before really cementing my journey with CFX I was feeling unsure of my journey, I wanted to do something which I felt served me and gave me security to be the mum I dreamed of.

Then COVID happened and I thought what the hell - What’s $300 ! I havnt looked back since!

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CFX - taking the bait

Disclaimer: the information provided in this site does not represent investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of my content as such. Each and Every decision you make is your own, your choice, and your responsibility! These decisions are a part of your journey and a piece of your creation!

Again - not financial advice!

💵 I help you create automated trade accounts in the forex space
💰 Bitcoin & Forex Investor
What if you could be a part of the trillion dollar forex market without actually knowing what you are up too! You don’t have to know how to trade, how to look for highs and lows and the best time to trade - Because the system uses skilled people to do that automatically for you!!

I am growing my forex trade portfolio and I’ve never even considered placing a trade in the forex space myself!


I invested in a platform where Pro Traders trade my money for me 5 days a week.

We’re currently seeing 5-6% per week returns!

This is something that you can start small with (lowest pack is USD$300) and grow from there! In no time you’ll be building and growing for your future and your futures future!

By starting with just $300 you could work through the levels to be trading $100k in 5 years!

Returns when you have a $100K pack is around USD$4000 per week - Imagine life without time constraints and financial worry. Where you can invest in yourself, your family and your community!



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CFX - sink the hook

steps to automated financial growth

1. Ensure you have clicked my referral link
(https://cherie27.cashfxgroup.com/) and signed up!

2. Download a wallet - we use wirex (see below for link and follow simple instructions)


3. Load it up with the money you would like to invest - I always add extra for fees (if you need help to calculate please reach out but usually $100 is ok)

4. Buy your first pack (watch the family pack strategy video in the previous link if you are planning to build) message me and I will help you through!

5. Book a time to chat with me - your now in the club 😂😂 I will help you Join the Facebook group and download the team Kajabi then we will decide if you are a sitter (watch your money grow - this is totally ok) or if you are a grower (wanting to give that money a boost by helping it on its way and sharing the awesomeness of CFX).

I was a sitter (for a short time) until I saw it works - now I just want every person I know to be rewarded like i have been!

CFX - making it stick

Automation *** Maintainance *** Growth ***

Fuck it - follow me, stalk me, learn what living freely is all about

Yes I still work 💪 - this is why automation is important to me. Hell I have an automatic vacuum (lets call her - lifesaver) I don’t want to be investing my energy into things others can do for me especially when they know better!

Yes I still mum 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and I love it - every single part - even the low point I know I have the time and time and time and energy to invest into making it that little bit better!

Yes I am getting ahead without relying solely on these incomes 💸 - I supplement what I can do daily with what I earn from CFX, I don’t have to pull money out I can just sit here and watch it grow grow grow!

And yes I have BIG retirement plans … before 45! Come at me lifestyle I can’t wait to experience all you have to offer!

So what are you waiting for? Come join the coolest bunch of likeminded people out! No only are these passionate people partnering in business with me, they are now my friends (like it or not) and they vibe with me, support me and empower me - authentically!