Hey Babe 🌻
Welcome to my page explaining a little about me, I'm grateful you are here.
I'm a 28 years old & I live in Perth, W.A.
When I was 19 I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, this has been a learning curve & also a blessing in many ways.
I felt my independence was taken from me at such a young age, I was so eager to get out into the world.
I honestly don't think i had figured out who I was as a person & epilepsy put me in a completely different headspace.
I have worked my whole life, mostly in childcare which was for 8 year & in a dayspa. I love children & have a very empathetic heart so I loved helping & despite my circumstances I always put other before myself.
I started losing passion & due to other reasons I stopped working for 2 years whilst coping with depression & anxiety.
I started working again as an E.A Teacher in primary schools. Still struggling with anxiety I found this very hard, I had completely lost myself.. Im sure some people can relate in their own way.
I hadn't been on any social media in 2 years but then decided to step back into the world on my inatagram.
My heart knew I was destined for more in this life, I truly appreciated the little things & my soul was on a journey to find my purpose.
I then came across this opportunity after afew months on social media, I didn't see an add I was just aimlessly scrolling.
I have now been in this business since the beginning of july. I honestly felt a huge pull & after 2 years being completely numb this was like a breath of fresh air.
Plus working online meaning I could work from anywhere helped alot with my anxiety. July began and my anxiety dropped away in 2 WEEKS after starting the business!!🤯 That was the first sign, I knew that this was it!
When I say it changed my life I mean it saved my life 🤍
I can help others, spread all my love around, I'm surrounded by the most supportive virtual community that are like my family.
This isn't a J.O.B this is truly a lifestyle, creating time freedom, financial comfort & completely flipping my mindset 🙌🏻
After 28 years on this earth I FINALLY know who iam, why I'm here & took my masks down I continuously wore to fit in or impress others.
I have a kind, pure, empathetic soul and I can finally use it to help empower others. What an amazing gift to have.🙏🏼
I discovered Tarryn!
Im 100% the black sheep, quirky, loud / quiet, crazy, silly, scatter brain but most importantly I now love myself & wouldn't want to be any other way!
My mindset has taught me that if I want to continue to grow I must remain consistent.
Im never going back....
Iam my own boss, I run my own schedule, have an extra flow of income, im confident & proud. I choose my time off & when to have holidays.
If your looking for a change, your in the right place!
Swipe to the next page & let's find out together if this journey could be something for you!>>>