glorifying by creating

Hey! I'm Taryn Edmondson, a 31 year old self taught artist. I use the term "self taught" lightly, my Grandmother hired a floral acrylic painter to teach my sisters and I when we were younger and from there the passion to make pretty things simply grew.

There have been a handful of influential people throughout my life that have inspired me to create and that list of souls continues to grow. For years painting in my own private space was therapeutic for me and a nice distraction from the chaos in my small world. Slowly but surely friends and family noticed and then asked for commissioned pieces. I realized my creative outlet improved my mental health while also bringing custom art into the loving hands and homes of people.

I'm passionate about the things I create because of the clarity it brings me, but especially the emotions I see it brings out in others. In sharing my hobby-turned-into-purpose I hope to allow others to discover something they didn't know they were searching for.

makers gonna make

Creative Services

• event signage
• modern calligraphy + lettering
• wood + leather burning
• watercolor + acrylic painting
• chalk art • window art • mural art

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There's usually an emotion I want to convey

"I don't think outside of the box, I think of what I can do with the box"