Hey girl hey !

“She believed she could, so she did”

Hey girl!
So you’ve found you’re way to my milkshake!
Let me tell you a little bout myself before we get any farther!
My name is Natasha Hurst,
I currently work part time as a Receptionist in a Barber studio!
I am 21 years old! My birthday is actually really cool because it’s in all 9’s!.
I will be starting my hairstyling course in January & I’m super excited! But there’s a twist - I’m going too specialize in barbering and doing men’s hair! So much fun & techniques in that industry!
I have a cat named Milo who is 2 years old & is my absolute pride & joy. Milo is becoming a big brother in January to 2 new Kittens & we’re so excited too be adding the new additions too our crazy life!
I joined Monat in April of 2020, but I worked during the first lockdown we had so it made it tough too be able too sit down with it & connect with people.
But with the New Year just around the corner, I reached out too an old friend of mine & asked if I could join her team & OF COURSE she said yes!
So here I am, kicking things in HIGH FRICKEN GEAR & going to make Monat a fantastic biz for myself & my for my family! & I would LOVE too have you on my team too do it with me as well!
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