About me

My name is Natasha. I am 20 years old and have a great passion for health, fitness and the gym.

I have studied at university gaining lots of background knowledge which later assisted my personal training studies. I did a year and a half of Physical Health and Education Deans Scholar, at UOW, but realised that my passion was in personal training so I left uni and completed my certificate 3 and 4 In personal training.

I have been training myself for the last 4 years and used the gym as a get away when I was completing my HSC. I value exercise so much and believe that it is such a great way to channel stress, and anxiety as well as just feeling physically healthy.

In my teen years I dealt with an eating disorder and was over training whilst eating minimal calories. I was trying to lose weight and get strong at the same time which was never going to work. This was very hard for someone who feared eating more and getting “fat”. My own experience lead me to research and understand the importance of nourishing our bodies especially when training hard, if we want results.

In some cases to lose weight whilst gaining lean muscle, calories need to increase to allow muscle to repair and grow. Every persons goals are not one size fits all. And this is why a one size fits all approach is not what I am going for. I would love to help you reach your fitness goals by tailoring my coaching specific to you.

Seeing people grow is so inspiring, so let me help you!

My specialty is working with women to reach their body composition goals. I have great knowledge in fat loss, lean muscle gain, toning up and getting strong. I know that it’s not as easy for us girls to grow muscle but with the right training and diet anything is achievable!

Because of the circumstances we are currently in with gyms closed and the lack of equipment, all programs can be made to suit no equipment, some equipment and lots of equipment, just let me know what program you would like!

12 week training

This is a 12 week training commitment. This option will provide you with 12 weeks worth of programs.
- your choice of training split type
- your choice of upto 6 workouts per week
- $200 for 12 weeks, can pay upfront or weekly bank transfers.
- you can choose programs that have no equipment, some, or none. I am flexible in the way I program for you.

8 week training program

- this is an 8 week commitment to online coaching with me.
- you will be provided with workouts for the 8 weeks with scheduled rest days and your choice of workout split.
- you choose how many days you would like to workout , maximum is 6.
- this is $150 for the 8 weeks and can be paid by bank transfer weekly or one upfront payment

1 week training

This can be any style of training. Weights, cardio or hiit circuits.
This will include 1 week worth of workouts of your choice.
$25 one off payment.
Add macro / daily calorie calculation for total of $30.

HIIT Circuit program

This is an option to burn maximal calories in a short amount of time. Hiit is fun and gets the heart pumping.

This option gives you access to 14 days worth of HIIT Circuits. These will be Tabata style training and there is the option for no equipment.
This pack is a one off cost of $35.

This is an option for those who would love some help with diet. I will calculate calories and macros relating to your body composition goals, whether it be to shred some fat, gain muscle or maintain body weight I can assist you in doing this. I will also provide a 1 week resistance training program to complement this.

- this option is a one off payment of $40.

More info

Message me via instagram dm for any enquires or email me via natashaforte99@outlook.com
We can discuss program options and figure out what’s best for you by chatting this way.
All programs and macro / calorie calculation will be sent via email once payment is made through bank transfer.