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Our journey with Cash Fx

I’ve set this space up to help you create automated trade accounts in the forex space and simplify how easy it can be to start investing into crypto for yourself 🪴

I’m blessed to be a māmā to two beautiful babies. I want to create a life of joy, abundance, time and freedom and make sure they are set up for generational wealth. I began looking into multiple income streams + more into the forex market space. I had heard about Bitcoin over the years and knew with the rapid decline of the fiat money value + the way of our changing world, that tapping into this space would be a smart move.

I have been lucky enough to connect with other wāhine who have created amazing things within the trillion dollar forex market. We leverage a platform called CashFX it’s not your traditional crypto trading - your pack does not devalue or go down. 5 days a week Pro Traders trade our money for us and then every Sunday we are paid our interest.

Kaleb and I made our first investment and currently seeing 5-6% per week returns 👏🏽Compare that to what you get at a bank. Banks will pay $2 a month for having over $20,000 in your account and then trade with that money every day for millions

Your packs take a total of 4 years to build to 100k where you will be earning weekly a minimum of 4kusd packs start at $300usd - converts to about $500nzd incl any conversion fees ect

Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick scheme! This is an investment where your money is actively building for you. However, you can make it earn as fast as you like it’s entirely up to you.

Please reach out to me for further questions I’m more than happy to guide you through + all the links are below x

CFX is an educational platform and we are investing in a service. THERE IS NO CFX APP.

*If you are purchasing multiple packs please set up the second account using your own referral link

Bitcoin explained for beginners

A video break down about what Bitcoin + Crypto Currency is by one of our successful team leaders Lourissa

A short video explaining CashFx

Here is a short video by Lourissa & Emile explaining more about Cash fx & how this money is made on complete autopilot

Create your Crypto Wallet

Binance is a globally used Crypto currency wallet that allows you to purchase your Cash Fx pack + also has an app for easy use

Create your Cash Fx account

You can create your Cash Fx account here please note you cannot use hotmail so try either gmail or iCloud

How to start Video Breakdown

This video will take you through step by step.

You are nearly there! Now that you have set up your account it’s time to start earning your money 💰 Have both your Binance wallet and cfx account open ready to go.

You will need to Buy your packs worth of BTC though Binance you will need around $500 NZD (this inc any possible fees) of Bitcoin if you wanted the $300 pack.

You will then send that Bitcoin you purchased to your cfx account to buy your pack. You will need to manually add the fee. Your pack will start trading automatically in 72 business hours

Do not close your browser even after the Green tick has appeared. Keep the tab open until you receive your confirmation email it’s fine to close your device or go into other apps.

Due Dilligence Video

Hey guys I thought I would add this in there for anyone who is wanting further information on CFX it’s boring but explain things very well x