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I am Tashay “TASH TAYLOR” Reid. I’m a mass media arts major with a concentration in radio/tv/film at Clark Atlanta University. I was born to entertain; and I’ve been acting, dancing, writing, and singing since I was about 4 years old. I first fell in love with acting while watching my father perform with Karamu House theater company in Cleveland, OH when I was a little girl. Seeing how the audience jumped out of their seats to give him a standing ovation left me in aww. From then on I was hooked. Creative expression has become a type of therapy for me now. I am also a former Miss Black Georgia USA (2009) and the youngest titleholder in the state pageant’s history. I’m known for my quick wit, way with words, and ability to captivate.

I am the mother of a beautiful baby boy, Tashir, who is the driving force behind all that I do. After giving birth I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression which caused me to eventually seek counseling. Initially I was embarrassed and in denial about my diagnosis and the fact that this was a battle I was not able to win on my own. Making the decision to ask for help was the best thing I could have done. Now I am still in therapy regularly and have become a mental health advocate. I’m also using these experiences to develop new content that will push the conversation of mental health in the black community and strip away the stigma of therapy.

My father once told me you get your best material when you write about what you know. So I hope you have a sense of humor because “I know” my life sure does!

On tough days

Hold tight to everything that makes you smile :)