My Story

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Hi my name is Asotasi short for tasi as most people know me by. I'm a mum of 3 boys and 1 girl!! I was born and raised in Samoa but resided here in Auckland 11 years ago I was adopted by my aunt my dad's sister and growing up we didn't have much my dad was working different jobs just to make a living for me and my siblings and were so greatful for everything you done for us if eventhough it wasn't much were still happy and when I got told that I'm moving to NZ for good I was sad but happy at the same time because back then moving overseas is a big deal to all island kids because they get to have at least good chance for a better future but in saying that not all kids got sent over to their families are not so lucky and unfortunately I was one of them, because when I got here I end up leaving school so I can take care of my elderly grandma at the time who had a stroke and her left side was paralyzed and this is going on to 2 years and a half until I felt pregnant with my oldest and I left to live with son's dad but things didn't go as planned because that's when the abuse started and I know I should've left him but I didn't have anyone to turn to because my aunt and my whole family didn't want me back so I stayed fast forward when I gave birth to our son in my head he'll change once baby comes but that wasn't the story the abuse continued until I was strong enough to left him! And since then I was a single mum until I met my current partner who's been a amazing role model to my son and 2 years later we get to welcome our own son and I've been a staying home mum since but being a SHM was never easy for me kuz I had my good and bad days but i wouldn't have it in any other way! And when I saw my sis Shinarah Enosa-Taifau making a living by just be herself and showing up online I was curious but at the same time I was scared to follow through with it because I didn't know how I'm gonna do and what if I fail but thinking about it why are you even scared when you haven't take that one step forward and like she told me do it for our Pepe's and here I am right now