I’m Tasya! I’m so happy you are here!

Check out my story below!

Chances are if you found this, you follow me on social media! If you don’t well then you probably should! I love meeting new people and getting to know others and their lives. I’m normal, nothing special about me!🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m a newlywed (married 2 months) , a girl mom x2! Born and raised in Indiana, all around the cornfields! I’m super awkward and an extreme introvert!

I am partnered with an amazing premium grade nutrition company. They are truly unmatched in ever aspect. Products, to the business, even the comp plan is out of this world! I’ve only been here a few months, back to June of 2021.

I was depressed and seriously BROKE as a joke. I was a single mom previously and racked up tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Always asking for money from my parents because I couldn’t get by. I’ve always been paycheck to paycheck person, never had the extras. Depressed beyond my wildest dreams, and couldn’t seem to get afloat with my mental health. Thankfully I met my now husband at the perfect time. He was my saving grace from all my emotions.

Shortly after we had our daughter and then this year we finally got married. But I was still search in f for more. I’m still paying off constant years of debt, still paycheck to paycheck. I needed more. My daughters needed more than a mom who always has to say no to toys, vacations, etc. they also needed a mom who was home and not working 40+ hours each week and being gone.

In the past few months I have been able to go from broke and depressed, to full on THRIVING! I went in blind and scared for that yes. I was hoping this would give me all the freedoms I was truly looking for. And I have. I get that weekly paycheck and the free product credit monthly like I have earned🖤

Network marketing has the most millionaires every year than any other industry. Why would you not want to be apart of that?!

Let me show you what you are missing and give you the blessing I have received💓