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Black Lives Matter


Please read the following to understand how systematic racisms has begun. The following books are a beginning to start with if you are trying to understand systematic racism.

• The new Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
• Why are all the black kids sitting together in
the cafeteria by Moustafa Bayoumi

My Top Picks

Fall 2019-Flats

Hey ladies, if your looking for some working shoes @shein_us is the place to go. These shoes are my favorite from @shein_us this fall. 🍁🍁🍁. If your looking for low price shoes, clothes and cute outer wear for all seasons check out shien.

Summer 2020

Your top recommendations for your followers

Low cut short sleeve top from @shienusa.


Best trends of 2019-2020

Summer 2019

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Summer is finally showing up. I’m so ready for picnics, good times and hanging out with old friends I have not seen a bit. I’m so ready for the beach relaxation and wine tastings.

My Top Picks

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Morning ladies it officially winter season and my favorite winter look is the brown colored wool like sweaters @shein_us has the best at reasonable prices. Check it out and stay warm!!!


MOMA ( Metropolitan museum of modern art)


Brooklyn Museum

Solomon Guggenheim

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Cherry Blossom Festival-2019

Brooklyn Brotanical Garden


Hilma link (1906)

Nail Tips During Quarantine

How to make press on nails last:

One of the many things I have doing during this pandemic is my own acrylic nails. After many attempts of my nails falling off I came up with a method to make them last longer.

Nail tip: Add nail primer on nail to secure nail as well as adding the nail glue. This is secure the bond of the false tip. Do not apply the acrylic until you know for sure you are able to shape it properly. I have personally struggled with shaping my nails which I why I will be going to the salon soon. This method will help until you can get to the salon......💅🏾💕.