Hey y’all!

I’m Tatum. 👋🏼 I’m a small town Texas girl. Married to this fuzzy faced fella, Alec, and we have three gorgeous girls together!

We had our first baby when I was 17 and he was 19. At our wedding, in 2012, I was 19 and he was 20. I am pro-life, and always rooting for the folks that marry young! Both are hard, but worth it!

I was a dental assistant for 3 years and that was my absolute most favorite job ever!! I love all things teeth related. Even the weird nasty stuff 😂 I quit one month before my last baby was born, and started the stay at home mom life!

But not JUST a stay at home mom. I’m also a photographer and dance studio teacher.

I am a helper by nature. That’s why I loved being a dental assistant, and why I love being wife and mom. Which is what lead me to this exact spot..

I wanted to start a blog. A helpful one. I had been taking an online course to get that going when an opportunity fell in my lap.

I partnered with Pomifera in June 2020. A skin care line that truly cares about every single face. It’s price point is realistic for every type of budget and it works.

I started Tatum Talk, a Facebook group, to combine both my love for helping other momma’s and slinging this skin care line. One stop shop! Love and life and tip and tricks.

I do not believe in zodiac signs. I don’t even know what mine is, but my birthday is October 12 if anyone what’s to check it for me 😂

My favorite color is green, favorite season is fall, favorite music is country- from the 50’s to the early 00’s, I love weiner dogs, Dr Pepper, bacon cheese burgers, i think I’m funny, i was a clogging teacher (like the dance), i used to be a cowgirl🤠, and took fiddle lessons a few years back!

Whew 😅 that’s me.


Pomifera is a natural based skincare company that has been shown to be effective for everything from anti-aging to relieving eczema and even scar reduction.

My Fave Face Collection!

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