Homebody, Inspiring Minimalist, Healthy eating + Non toxic-living

Hi there!

In my everyday life, i strive to live as simple as possible - with this i’ve become more aware of my surroundings, what i put into and onto my body as well as the little things that bring the most happiness to me and my family!

On this blog, i will be sharing some of my fav things - products, healthy recipes, cozy places and fav people.

Thanks for coming along on my life journey,

Sneak peak into the blog + more about me


I am a true homebody - i have an extreme love for the simplicity that staying home brings. Although, i love a good coffee shop brunch date, browsing the aisles of Homesense and nights out with family and friends - nothing beats being in the comfort of my own home. Those quiet moments alone or with my husband and dog is something i’ve learned to truly appreciate over the years. It really is the little things in life that make us the happiest. In this mini blog, i will be sharing my fav books, shows and everything else that helps create that perfect homebody vibe.


‘once you need less, you will have more’
In our house, we strive to have as minimal as possible. We find it easier to live a happier life when we have less to worry about. When i open a cupboard the last thing i want is to not know what’s inside of it. Also, the decor is the house is very simple and minimal. I can’t wait to touch base more on this topic throughout the blog.

Healthy living

This is my fav topic and fav part of our everyday life. We really do live a healthy lifestyle through physical activity and eating super healthy foods. My diet consists mostly of plant based foods and recently starting eating eggs and fish due to doctors concerns. I will be sharing lots of my favorite recipes and tips when it comes it healthy eating and exceeds.

Non toxic home

I’ve just recently got into essential oils; and when i say ‘got into’ i mean, actually taking the time to learn about what each oil does for our bodies and homes plus what different oils can create the perfect cleaning product which is healthier for our bodies and everyday lives.