About Me

Hey, I'm Tawny!

Let me tell you about my "why" for becoming a Compassionate Entrepreneur with Trades of Hope: I was a broke, fresh-out-of-Bible-college grad who wanted to make an impact in the world... but I was lacking some important things. Money and time. I didn't have the extra funds to be able to give to world missions, and my husband and I weren't quite ready to go onto the international mission field yet.

I had been part of an MLM company that I had lost my passion for. I was feeling selfish and dirty being part of a company that was all about making money, earning lavish vacations, fancy cars, and expensive gifts. I was ready to quit, but then Trades of Hope came into my life!

My mom was a direct sales consultant while I was growing up... I went along to parties and events with her and learned a lot about the business. I always said I would NEVER join a direct sales company because I didn't like how many events she had to do to make any sort of profit.
I was asked if I wanted to host a Trades of Hope party, and reluctantly said YES, but ONLY if it was on Facebook. I only had a few customers order, but that wasn't God's purpose for the party. I was sucked in more and more by each post as I learned what Trades of Hope was REALLY all about! I was in LOVE, and new I had to be part of this wonderful sisterhood!

I jumped in almost 3 years ago with the intention of growing a successful business online ONLY, and I have! I've loved getting to go events if I want to, meeting like-minded entrepreneurs, taking beautiful photos, AND even going to visit some of our artisans in Haiti in my first year as a Partner (this photo is with some kiddos from a school we partner with in Haiti)! I thank God every day for leading me to the RIGHT company for me and my family. He has a way of finding what's best for us right when we need it, doesn't he?

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Book Recommendations

Here are some of my favorite reads if you would like to learn more about Fair Trade, the importance of Sustainable Jobs vs. Charity, missions, & more! I will continue to update this list as I read more. 🥰

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