Hey beautiful!

I'm Tay, your new Spritual bff!

I'm a mindset + spiritual wellness coach,
Certified NLP practitioner and Reiki healer.

My mission is to help young women shift their limiting beliefs into purpose driven success and freedom mindset.

Have you ever found yourself questioning your purpose in life. You know theres more out there, but you just dont know how to access it. Leaving you feeling lost, confused, and alone.
Maybe this has caused you to neglect your family and your friends. Struggling with finances because your lack of belonging has prevented any job from sticking, or you become so unhappy that you feel you have to lie just so others will accept you, ultimately leaving you with no happiness, no freedom.
Asking yourself "when will this end?"

You're not alone. In fact, this was me just a few years ago. I was this girl, stuck in a cycle that I had no control over, giving my energy to what didnt serve me. Left feeling drained and worn down until I couldn't bear to live with it anymore. I was faced with a choice: either I let my depression win, or I take back my control.

I was able to pull myself out of a severe depression by learning to understand and utilize the power of my conscious and unconscious mind.
Since then, I've been able to redesign the life of my dreams and create experiences on my terms, building a business that resonates with my purpose while manifesting my dreams into reality.

I faced a lifetime of frustration, regret, and pain. I woke up everyday feeling empty, emotionless, and misunderstood. Fearing the worst: that I had no true purpose.. and if this resonates with you, than you've been guided to the right place in perfect time.

The truth is, your mind is so powerful. You already harness the tools to create such a beautiful, perfectly curated reality that suits your highest self, you just have to master them.
Imagine a reality where you recognize your true potential, and with this realization, you attract abundance and opportunity. You can manifest the life that you truly deserve, where you're happier, centered, more resilient.
Not only does your life change, but your relationships improve. They become deeper, intimate, more successful. You develop a sense of self worth and a greater idea of life quality which you can pass onto your children. You radiate confidence in business, education and relationships, and your mental health is thriving!

This is honestly why I love what i do. Because I've been in that darkness before too, and if I can go from eating tuna out of a 90 cent can from the corner store, living off $10 a week, to a strong relationship, a positive, healthy mindset full of self love and purpose ( and manifesting my freaking dream home right down to the location!) , so can you!

You are fully supported by the universe, and I'm here to support you too 🔮💫

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