Your song needs a lyric video! —

Your song deserves a lyric video!

If you are looking for a lyric video that can put a visual to your voice, entertain your fans, and help you grow and gain more fans you are in the right place!

Tay Lauren Media is passionate about helping artists give their songs the visuals they deserve, look more professional and gain more views

There are many benefits to having lyric
videos for your songs:
1) Visual stimulation increases the chances that someone will like your song and become a fan as opposed to just a picture or artwork

2) People can actually read your lyrics which is stronger than just hearing them because they will understand what the song is about (and if you’re a rapper they’ll see you’re more lyrical than they realized) than just from listening to the song

3) It shows more effort on your part which makes you seem like a more serious and professional artist

What are you waiting for? Just click the link below to shoot over an email with your song and a lyric sheet (make sure there are no spelling or wording mistakes, also be sure to put your name and the song name in the subject)
I will take half the payment upfront and you can pay the other half after you see the finished video from a link I send you. You will receive your video in 3-5 business days. After the upfront payment is made, I will begin your video.

Get your lyric video now!