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My name is Tayler and I'm 32 years old from a small town in Ohio. I currently work full time as a first responder. I have three dogs and I absolutely adore them! As someone who's struggled with mental illness most of my life, I'm extremely passionate about advocating & helping others. Although I love my current job, I do not enjoy working under someone else's terms & conditions. I believe we were placed on this earth to experience as much as possible, and that's my goal!

I dropped out of college, a few times. Traditional way of living has never been my thing. Getting a college degree and working a 9-5 the rest of my life didn't appeal to me. I became an EMT and I work 24 hour shifts. With only working a few days a week, I got a taste of time freedom, and I want more! I realized my current job is never going to fully give me that time freedom I crave. I still have to ask permission & request time off if I need it. I don't know about you, but working for someone else doesn't seem like the best option to live out the rest of my life.

My current job is also mentally & physically exhausting. Although I can handle it now, I truly cannot imagine doing this 30 years from now. My job also is never going to allow me to experience financial freedom. My end goal? To wake up where I want, when I want, and spend every day how I want. Sounds pretty freaking awesome, right?! I have so many dreams & goals for my life ... starting my own dog rescue & doggy daycare, giving more time & money to charities, helping others afford mental health care, travel the world ... Insert Monat.

After watching my business partner's hair transformation for 6+ months, I knew I NEEDED whatever products she was using! Next thing I knew, I was hooked on the results I was getting! That's when I started this business. I was already sharing my love for the products with any and everyone, why not make money while sharing?!

Fast forward to now - my hair & skin have never been better. I'm part of a kickass team. I'm still in love with the products I use daily. I'm still sharing my love for these products. I work this business part time from my phone. There are so many benefits, and the best part, anyone can do this! It is hard work, but what you put in, you'll get out. Free weekly trainings (we train you on everything you need to know). No monthly quotas. No shipping of products. No cap on monthly income. Earned fully paid for trips. Cadillac program. The best hair & skin of your life.

If you're driven, hardworking, and looking for extra income or looking to replace your full time income & retire your 9-5, let's chat & see if this opportunity is for you! This can be anything you want it to be - from a few extra hundred dollars a month for groceries & bills, to building your dream home, to making your dreams come true, this is the vehicle that will allow you to live your dream life!

If any of that resonated with you, I'd love to help get you started on crushing your goals! Worse case scenario, you don't love the products & you send them back for a full 30 day money back guarantee. Best case scenario, you work your ass off, crush your goals, have the best hair & skin of your life, and live a life you'd only ever dreamed of before!