About Me!

I’m Taylor Sarkisian

What’s UP, Insta-world?! First things first – alllll of my content here will be 💯 words or less because let’s face it: ain’t nobody got time for more than that.

Some quick facts about me:

• I’m 27 years old
• I’m got married in 2019!
• I’m based in Cleveland, OH
• I loveeee game shows 😂

These are my boys 🥰 My husband Ryan and goldendoodle Kelso.

Ryan and I have a big family! Here’s our siblings that we freaking love.

I’m a Social Media Strategist at an ad agency and (try to) eat vegan.

Nice to meet you! 👋

Quarantine Bathroom Reno

... in just 💯 words!

From March–May, Ryan and I gradually renovated our upstairs bathroom. From a cringe-y blue to the “modern farmhouse” palette of white and gray, we completely winged it and are so happy with how it turned out.

We kept our existing toilet, shower and flooring (vintage tile is IN, baby!!) and we ❤️ the results. I broke my toe after dropping a tape measure on it and we had to lug the 200+ pound vanity up the stairs ourselves, but it was a journey that was freaking worth it.

More before/after pictures below! Questions about products or the process? DM ME!

Studio Workout App Review

...in just 💯 words!

Studio is an at-home workout app that I stumbled upon during quarantine and I’m SO glad I did!

Download the App

From treadmill to barre to stretching to sculpt (and like 10 more things) it has TONS of classes to choose from with instructors who are the REAL. 👏 DEAL. 👏

My favorite thing about the app is how you can sort classes by time duration and difficulty. So convenient!

Also, it comes with a FREE trial... so there’s nothing to lose. I ended up buying it ($59.99/year = less than $5/month = WAYYY cheaper than a gym membership!) and have zero regrets.

Try a Free Trial Now!