Hello, I’m Taylor!

I’m 26 years young, a SAHM to 4 beautiful children & 3 silly fur babies! I have been married to my best friend since November 4th 2013. We live in the middle of nowhere in South Georgia! My faith has been growing more and more everyday, I am truly trying to focus on what Gods plans are for me in life! Mental health is HUGE to me, I’ll go into detail down further!

Hunter is my oldest, he turns 8 in November! Hunter loves everything baseball, the kid could play outside all day if we let him! Bo is our middle son (my first mini), he is 6! Bo loves to be our little Denise the Menace (he gets it from his mama tho!), He enjoys soccer and is SUPER smart! Creek is our youngest boy & gosh does he have a heart of gold! He enjoys playing outside & protecting his baby sister! Kayleigh Laken is our baby (my other mini), she has every bit of sass and boss that a girl could need! She enjoys breaking bones & keeping us in line! 😂

As I stated above, mental health is very important to me. I suffer with postpartum depression, bipolar depression, BPD, anxiety & PTSD. I was abused mentally, physically & verbally growing up by my father, which led me into my spiral of mental health issues! I’ve always struggled with fitting in, feeling worth enough or feeling loved. It wasn’t until October 2019 that I realized, I was done! God had and has a bigger promise for me!

I spend 90% of my time trying to help others see the light at the end of the tunnel! I wake up everyday and strive to touch just one person, pull one person through the day… there were many days I had no one & fought alone. My purpose is to never let anyone fight alone! To never let anyone fight in silence!

For awhile I thought NWM couldn’t help me be that person for people, boy was I wrong! God through a business in front of me that He knew would lead me to exactly where I was needed able to help others who suffer from mental health, not worrying about a dollar sign or the next rank! But helping people, bringing people through to the next day!

Watch me on my journey, join me if you feel called to! Either way, I’m here to support and love you! ❤️

Mindset is everything!

Believe in yourself!