Hi guys! I’m Taylor!

You guys, I am so pumped you are here and are interested in learning more of what I do!

Just an overview about me!
I am 26 years old and married to my amazing hubby of 4 years, (9 years together) and dog mom to my 3 beautiful fur babes, Rusty, Rylie and Axle!

I joined this business a month ago, and call me crazy but in just a month my life has changed for the better! Truthfully, i ignored all the signs leading me into this journey. I thought to myself this has to be a pyramid scheme! I researched like crazy just to find something bad about this company to justify me feeling that way! I FOUND NOTHING! I found a community of people building each other up on a daily and having a blast with their lives all while making money through their phones! Honestly, I didn't join this business because i had too, i joined this business because I WANTED TO!! I wanted to pay off our infertility bills, and help my husband will our mortgage, everyday bills, house projects etc! And guess what, in just one month i did that! In one month I made friends that will last a lifetime! We are going to have freedom. We are going to be able to do what we want, when we want and how we want to do it, and you can too!

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