Hi, beautiful! I’m Taylor

I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m a 27 year old single mama from Colorado. My daughter is my world and I work very hard to give her the best life possible!

I run a business from my phone using social media to bring in an extra income, make an impact among others, and help people paint that vision for their dream life, too. Back in April, that was not my story. Debt was piling up, my daughter & I just moved into our first home together, I was almost 200lbs, had no energy, and overall really unhappy with my day to day life. I had found a mom on Facebook who was apart of a network marketing company and I instantly felt so connected to her. I was no longer feeling aligned with the company I was apart of so I knew I needed to make a huge change in order to have the life I wanted. I jumped in.

I fell in love with the company instantly. How amazing the products made me feel, how the business was ran, how I was being taught to lead & grow, then the supportive & incredible community. Now I make an income every single Tuesday & teach a team of women how to do the same. I get to be fully present with my daughter every day, pay off my debt, add to savings, and actually plan for the future all while feeling bomb every single day. My health has absolutely transformed because of these products! My passion for this company shines in what I do daily & I love hearing how other people feel the same way once they start!

Whether you’re looking to get healthier, feel better, be a better mom, wife, or friend, or turn your social media into a way to make massive income & massive impact in a tasteful, authentic way- I got you!

I truly love what I do & cannot wait to have you on this journey!

Xoxo Taylor