5 Tips For Buying Your First Home

• Use a local Realtor. As a buyer in this competitive market, it is huge that you have the help of a professional.

• Get in touch with a local lender (if you do not know of one, your Real Estate Agent can point you in the right direction) They will walk you through all of your different lending options. This will tell you what you are qualified for so you can start shopping!

• Determine a monthly budget and stick to that. Just because a mortgage company will lend you a certain amount, does not mean you have to use that. Stay in a price range that makes sense for your budget.

• Determine your wants vs. needs. This is huge! I suggest that you make a list of 3-5 things that are nonnegotiable and 3-5 things that are negotiable. This will help you stay on track while searching for your home.

• Save, save, save! I always recommend having at least $3,000. It does not hurt to have more than that!

5 Tips For Selling Your Home

• Depersonalize! When a potential buyer comes in your home for the first time, they want to be able to picture their lives in your home.

• Declutter! You want a buyer to see the amazing space you have, not your favorite Rae Dunn collection.

• Curb appeal is huge! It’s the very first thing buyers see when coming to tour your home. Something as little as cutting your grass, cleaning your gutters and pressure washing make all the difference.

• Make the necessary repairs! Knocking off some of those items on your “honey do list” before listing your home, makes a difference.

• PRICE! Pricing it right is KEY! You get one shot as pricing it correctly before putting it on the market. This is where having a professional makes all of the difference.

Get to know me

Hi! As much as I get to know my clients, I think it is important for you to get to know me as well.
I was born and raised in Dallas, Ga as the youngest to a Brady bunch of 6. Coming from a big family with various types of personalities helped teach me to adaptable and personable.
After navigating adulthood for a few years, my interest in Real Estate peaked, I took a leap and haven’t looked back since. My soon after fiancé and I purchased our first home. Being a First time home buyer and a new Real Estate Agent at the time, made me realize not only the lack of information accessible but the misinformation out there as well. This is when I knew how important it was to educate as well as support first time and seasoned home buyers and sellers.
In addition to growing my real estate business, maintaining close relationships with friends and family is a huge part of my life. In my free time, if i’m not in the kitchen or at the gym you can probably find me at a Tj Maxx or Homegoods.
Oh.. and GO BRAVES!