Taylor’s Best

The best songs Taylor has ever written- in my opinion.

I would highly reccomend to listen to Haunted, DBATC, Treacherous, ATW 10 minute version, The Other Side of the Door, Should’ve Said No, Clean, Wonderland, I Wish You Would, Don’t Blame Me, Illicit Affairs, The Lakes, and Champagne Problems.

A lyrical masterpiece.

ATW 10 minute version (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault) is hands down one of the best songs Taylor has ever written. The beautiful harmony is melancholy and nostalgic but the lyrics themselves are a masterpiece and a work of art by just the way they all fit together- like pieces into place.

The Rain Came Pouring Down

I feel like I should dedicate an entire heading to the song Clean. It deserves so much more recognition. It is one of Taylor’s best songs, as it has a happy feel but a happy-sad feeling that comes along with it. Taylor feels as if she was used and contaminated, and gives the example of rain at the end of a drought to say that she is finally clean and free of her ex.

Windermere Peaks

The Lakes is one of my personal favorite Taylor Swift songs. Just listening to it will explain everything, as it is the “peak” of Taylor’s folk era.

Honorable Mentions

Out of all of my favorites, I chose the three most worthy of an entire heading, not my absolute favorites. They are definitely worthy of a top ten spot though! Two of my honorable mentions are Haunted and DBATC. They are both about the end of a relationship, except one is depressing and the other is upbeat and has painful but happy lyrics.