about this chick (me)

a badass black queer gal who is here to make a change

hiii! i’m taylor. i’m black, most importantly. i’m gay. i’ve always been gay, and i hid that as long as i could majority of my life until i finally realized i was only destroying my mental state the more i hid real me. i’m a flight attendant, a sister, a bomb ass friend, a huge writer. i’m educated af- i have a few degrees i worked really hard to obtain and some people still don’t take me that seriously.

i grew really tired of the mistreatment and downplay of me as a person. i was tired of not seeing [black] mental health being viewed just as important as all other mental health.

i also grew tired of ranting about the same issues i as sick of to my black friends and even my white best friend. i realized more people needed to read and hear what tf i had to say, and i mean that. to give a better idea of who i am, it’s important to understand that i’m actually a huge introvert but somehow i’m wildly vocal. i am sometimes shy, but the moment something rubs me the wrong way, i speak up. i was always in trouble growing up for “talking back” to teachers when i was really questioning what i realized wasn’t okay, and that’s still the same me.

i do not speak on life issues because they’re cute, tending, etc. i speak on the shit because it’s my reality and i want to see change.

i hope my page becomes the voice girls/guys/all like me needs. i hope it serves as a safe place for the younger versions of me who need it too!

i’m an open, honest book. i love talking to people, meeting new people, discussing anything in my dms, i love uncomfortable (but respectful) conversations. i’m extremely satirical in a lot of my replies, but that’s just my natural instinct. it won’t change.

i look forward to talking to so many of you!!