Hey, I’m Tay

Welcome to my journey!

I’m a 27 year old, broke college grad turned successful Sales Coordinator of a high end resort plus Social Media Influencer for a health & wellness company!

I truly believe that the best comes out of new beginnings. Just this year I moved 15 hours from home and started COMPLETELY OVER!

Now, I am starting over in the Social Media Scene and building a VIP team 💓


You probably landed here because you are wanting & searching for more!

• Making money from home / your phone
• You want to be at home with family
• Want more time freedom
• Wanting to FEEL good
• Looking for a community

If you relate to any of those, then this is for YOU!


What are they?

NEW PLOS CREAMER! Advance your weight loss goals with this unsweet French vanilla creamer that can be added to coffee or any of your favorite beverages!

BRAN- Is the Daytime White packet that works within 15 minutes of taking it. This will provide crazy good energy without the jitters OR crash! Helps with mood boosting, clarity, focus, appetite control……so many amazing benefits.

FOR WEIGHT LOSS: you will want the day + night snaps! They work best together! The nootropics have a stacking effect. You only snap 6 days a week... one day off a week to rest your body.

ZLEM- Is the black packet that is used at night before bed! This is going to help you get a great night of sleep, help your hormone levels, detox in your sleep, burn stored fat, and help you lose some inches (-©) it is AMAZING!

UUTH-Uuth is our Green Snap that provides the with 3GRAMS of Collagen! This is not your ordinary Collagen product. This product is packed with benefits to help your body, mind, soul with the added nitric oxide boosting benefits! It tastes like JELLY ~ no joke! It is a must have for anti aging! It also has a little energy kick!

How do i get started?


We start you on product!

Why? Because a business is an investment AND it’s important for you to be on the product.

We have affordable options + payment plans!

You will be working with me so training is FREE!! This is your only investment!

Text me that you’re ready! (number linked below)

Can’t wait to get you started!!

Message me when you’re ready to get started and/or you have more questions! If you go to any links be sure you see my name (Taylor Bishop and/or Member ID 75955)

Power Leg & Binary

What does that mean?

When you join me to do this — I get to help you succeed! You sign up with me, and the next person I sign, gets placed on your team! You both will get paid off what I do too. Which sets this company apart.

We have a 9:1 customer to rep ratio, so NO, you don’t have to build a team if you don’t want!

If you want flexibility, opportunity, rewards, side cash, replace your 9-5, you’re looking in the right place.