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🙋‍♀️My name is Rachelle, I am 25 years old and have grown up in Western Cape,George, South Africa. I have a nautral South African accent with a soft, patient and kind voice.
📑📚I have studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) where I have obtained a diploma in Human Resource Management (HR).
👩‍🏫I am a certified teacher with a Level 5 Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate .
I am deeply passionate about Human Nature and our world.🌍 I have a real desire to improve the lives of others and to help them achieve there goals. I like to learn new things everyday .
I have travelled all around South Africa.🗺🏖🏞 I'm intrested to be mostly outdoor and take photos of all my adventures. My goal is to save money to go travel and explore our world and all the different cultures it offers. 🧧🎎. I am fascinated by foreign countries essentially China.
😃🐼Booking an appointment with me will guarantee you alot of teaching time and I will give you enthusiastic, fun and engaging lessons.
What I can offer is to adapt to your level and creating lessons and teaching materials that will suit your needs.
I can teach for a range of levels from Elementary to Advanced, Conversational English,English language and vocabulary, Business English, University English and one-to-one tutoring. Just tell me what you want to know so that I can prepare for you.🤲
If you want to see my introduction video please click on the link below ⬇️

My‍♀️我叫Rachelle,今年25歲,在南非喬治敦的西開普長大。我的南非口音柔和,耐心且友善。 📑📚我就讀於開普敦大學(UCT),並獲得了人力資源管理(HR)文憑。我是一名具有5級英語作為外語(TEFL)證書的認證教師。我對人性和我們的世界充滿熱情。我真正渴望改善他人的生活,並幫助他們實現目標。我喜歡每天學習新事物。我到南非各地旅行。🗺🏖🏞我被吸引到大部分時間都在戶外,並拍攝了我所有的冒險照片。我的目標是省錢去旅行,探索我們的世界及其所提供的所有不同文化。 🧧🎎。我對外國基本上是中國著迷。 with與我預定約會將為您保證大量的教學時間,並且為您提供熱情,有趣和有趣的課程。我所能提供的是適應您的水平並創建適合您需求的課程和教材。我可以教授從初級到高級,會話英語,英語和詞彙,商務英語,大學英語和一對一輔導的各種級別的課程。只需告訴我您想知道的內容,以便我為您做準備.🤲如果您想觀看我的介紹視頻,請單擊下面的鏈接⬇️