colouring tutorials 𖤐 (by teachrzls on tiktok)

𖤐: : Screen shot this 24 Fps
・First you download the app 24Fps
And click import on the to right then select your video, then click the blue, green, red filter then press the + button in the corner then the second one down and select import polar QR filter image then come back here and take a screen shot of all the QR codes then press on the image of one of the QR codes then do it all over again then press The one you want then Press save and share then download the app control and go on the website dafont then find fonts that you like press the thing that says download then look at the top left of your screen and you’ll see something that looks like arrow pointing down with a circle with something loading on the bottom then when it’s downloaded Press on it and do you need the app files then look for your font then keep your finger on it then scroll until you find the thing share then you press on share then you scroll until you find vont then press on vont then you’ll see something that says install in vont then you press install and then you’re done then you start adding stuff to your video you can find more fonts here are some fonts cute Icons, garlic salt, this is not on dafont but it's called flavor and frames if you found it I'm happy for you I forgot the link then there's lemon milk, butterflies and that's all bye