Master tea blender and proprietor of the modernist tea ritual, a vessel for human connection.

From our inception, TEALEAVES has sought to educate, enlighten and enchant through the rich medium of tea. As a small tea room in Vancouver, Canada, we aspired to bring tea ritual, and an understanding of blending, to North America. Through passion and expertise, we have grown to become the tea purveyor of choice for five-star hotels and Michelin chefs worldwide.

As one of the very few Master Blenders left in the world, we blend the highest quality teas and botanicals, in small batches, creating blends with complex palate and nuanced character. We carefully source to curate blends that are the very best expression of terroir, meticulously cupping out each ingredient, on the search for the ultimate palate.

With deep-rooted values in innovation and wellness, art and beauty, nature and design, our blending philosophy reaches beyond tea to include techniques, stories, people, companies and ideas.


To us, tea is just the beginning.

Curating a collective of innovators, artists and visionaries; our kindred spirits in craftsmanship.

As one of the few remaining master-blenders in the world, our story at TEALEAVES begins in the tradition of blending tea; the true art form of blending is the genesis of something greater than the sum of its parts.

In the quest to master our craft, our philosophy of blending reaches beyond the palate. With deep-rooted values in art & beauty, craft and innovation, we blend techniques, stories, people, and ideas.

Our manifesto is to inject ritual, purpose and intention, into the human experience, to incite consciousness of oneself, one’s time, and one’s impact. The goal: to inspire connections and creativity.

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